Death It Be

Ending all nows.
Death it be,
'To life is to be free,
Laughter, crying, the blind can see,
The traps of life,
No escape passion, bird's tree.'

Death it be,
'A finder's fee,
It is the last stop on life's agenda,
Blend in with bee's honey.'

Death it be,
Within worldly powers,
And natural extermination by hands of ignorant,
Pathway to hell,
The very veins of power,
Not right of wisdom,
Mainly of greed,
Will we not destroy the very life, or let it breathe.'

Death it be,
Dark the eyes with every attack,
In death the soul leaves,
Safe at last, only God,
Trust judge not with you but you and me,
Danger of damnation, families of grief,
And the light will surface,
Enter with love,
Within death you leave.

I will not fault, it is not me,
Into bliss, trust within,
Anyone within who yearns to be,
After darkness,
At last through death by God,
Through death and freed.

Death it be,
The final step,
Strength to be brave, soul to be freed,
Without love, you never see,
Sadly stuck after death,
Death it be.
Published: 8/20/2015
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