Death of Romance

When a young couple knows something won't last...
On a clear night full of stars all above
a couple lay on their car
as they speak about everything in life except love
and how life is just too hard,
and the outdated philosophies
just like the romance that they used to dream of
as they just sat quietly staring at the stars above

Romance books are old in many ways
They spoke of love as if it were relevant these days
but to the couple it was all a haze
they never felt "it" in this relationship
they felt out of touch
like a puzzle piece that wouldn't fit
but they never thought about it much

They were too young to grasp
The thought of what's relevant and what's in the past
He whispers "You know there's no such thing as romance.."
but she didn't listen, she never even glanced
They both knew they were moving to fast
but they both reluctantly hoped it would last
a few minutes had passed
she looked at him and calmly said "can't you get it through your head?"
an empty face stared back
"...romance is dead"
Published: 12/29/2008
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