Death of the Perfect

What happens when the ending of a relationship turns into self injury..
Oh I missed this feeling.
Of feeling so in control.
The confusion is gone.
I'm feeling the way I want.
You can't support me.
But he will.

I was making this choice to hard on myself.
Maybe it was just your guilt.
That was making it difficult.
Maybe this doesn't rhyme.
But it says how I want to feel.
I want to be in control again.
And I finally feeling it.

The power rushing through my veins.
Going through little slices in the skin.
The power is building.
As the blood is leaving.
I haven't felt this good in a long time.
People say I'm not methodical.
Take a look at my wrists.

See how precise each line is.
Then tell me what I am.
Oh my! I want this feeling.
To last forever.
Please don't walk away again.
I need this control.
I need the power.

I need the knowledge of life.
And being with you..
Made me lose it.
So this rush is thanks to you.
For leading me to snapping.
And letting go of my inhibitions.
I don't want to lose this power.

So maybe I'll choose that over you.
Depending what he tells me.
Is what will make my final choice.
You were the ending death of me.
Published: 2/8/2011
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