Death Poems

Death is the greatest leveler, they say. It's the ultimate truth of life that no living being can escape from. The big, small, short, tall, rich, poor, ugly, and beautiful; everyone has to go someday. Death puts an end to living or does it mark a new beginning? Go through these poems about death and dying. They'll inspire you to start thinking differently about 'the end'.
Old Friend Of Mine
When your time is up, it's up, no point regretting the past.
A Secret Resides
When the misery inside is too painful to share.
I Lied
Speechless. Please put your interpretation for the poem in the comment section. Thanks a lot. Ciao.
Wasting Time
We all reach that point in time, when we start to ponder that next version of ourselves.
A Little Bit Of Goth
A Gothic tale of woe and regret.
Hidden Strength
True strength comes from an unbending will to accomplish what you set out to do.
A Letter To Death
Anyone who has undergone depression or is suffering from ADHD understands how suicidal thoughts can at times be overwhelming. For this reason, I wrote this letter, To Death.
Mr. Lacey
5/11/17.... This is to do with my ex who I lost and I lost myself as well... he was not a teacher he was 17.
A poem I had written a while ago for somebody who was dying.
Just Imagine!
A spiritual poem
Death comes in more than one form. Not just the physical, but social.
A Lament for Sidney Leslie Goodwin
Sidney Leslie Goodwin is a 2 years old boy whose body was recovered after the sinking of the RMS Titanic.
Beautiful Grave
The beauty of a life well-lived.
Mrs. Goodwill's Farewell
Basically about a patient who chose to end her life.
The Darkness Welcomes The Dead
Deeply dark and melancholy, suicidal.
The Banshee
A portent of Death!
This is something I wrote when a nephew died, but then I thought others might want to use it at a Memorial service - or just to read for comfort. In any case, feel free to use it as you wish.
The End of That Moon
March is really a tough month, especially getting to the end.
My Life Takes Me
This poem is a release of anguish and hunger for good health. It does not happen, sadness appears often. My mind releases thoughts and I try to put them in this poem.
Death Is But...
Facing the inevitable.
Let Go of the Misery
Words of comfort offered to someone grieving their significant other's loss....
A Dirge
Even angels cry.
Death and Dying
Dying is a fundamental process. As is "change" and "regeneration"... this poetry is about that.
If Only You Listened
For my friend who threw my caution to the wind.
Gentle Lisa
A comparable life to that of Florence Nightingale.
We are all addicted to some acts in one way or the other. We wish we can stop, but we are enslaved.
This was the first poem I ever wrote.
Saying Sorry
He hid all his pain from her.
Dark Days
Gloomy dark days.
The Purgatory Bar
A man tries to drink away his sorrow for the loss of a lover.
Endless Quest
Thoughts, life, and search.
I wish I could die in my sleep, so I would never have to feel pain again.
Blood, Blood Everywhere
My mom never cut, this is just a poem I came up randomly.
You... You Are Me
This is my first poem that I am publishing. Please comment.
Leave Quietly
Preparing for a reluctant farewell.
Dead Man
A dead man only goes.
That I May Share Your Burden
A longing to be reunited in death.
Succumbed to Melancholy
Grief plays upon the emotions with an insane urge for revenge. Sometimes, even the laws of nature need a scapegoat.
Grim's Porch
A poem about a 'person' waiting for Grim to arrive. That 'person' is calling his/her child/grandchild to join him/her. But Why? For salvation? Or to join in death?
What's the Point of Living?
The poem pretty much explains itself.
Death #44
Two years later and I'm still trying to sort things out. It is a fact that the longer you live, the more you learn about death, that is the definition of irony.
Shadow's Puppet
Warning: Not an appropriate read for kids.
A poem of the tragic life of an innocent girl.
An Ordinary Life
A silent epitaph.
The Washer Woman (Bean Nighe)
Bean Nighe, is a Scottish folk myth, a fairy who washes the clothes of those about to die. It translates as washer woman.
Who's That Girl?
She finally closed her eyes...
Remember to Kiss Her, Fool!
Remember, remember, your promise to kiss her...
Yellow Serenade
A Tribute to Robert Chambers.
I Saw Myself In The Mirror
A portent of death?
Mattie's Dream
This is based on an old Scottish folktale called Cousin Mattie.
Black Aggie
A poem based on an urban legend.
If It's My Fault, Let Me Sink
I need to make my own decisions and mistakes. If those mistakes drown me, so be it, but they're mistakes I have to make. And sometimes, you can get close, but you never really get past those mistakes.
Just Before Death
I don't know if it's any good...
Death's Lullaby
When Death whispers into your ears.
Sorrow, Pain, and Death
Poem about the dark side of life and that not everything is a meadow of flowers...
Darkest Death
New poem, life's been super hectic lately, re-injured my throat after surgery, but I'll try to post tomorrow morning/night.
Fly With Me
An Angel comes to take you home.
Remember Me
A poem about when someone dies, all they want is to be remembered. I wrote this for Hannah, my dead dog.
In My Dreams
A poem written in collaboration with a very good friend of mine.
The Unknown Life
It is a poem saying that no one will remember us after we die.
Oblivion's Offering
The sanctuary of death.
The Devils Decree
The inner workings of a mind..
Forever Forsaken
My thoughts on wat would I feel like as I fell... my fifth poem, and Id love to hear wat you think of it.keep in mind that I don't really believe in a god. Comment plz! Thanx!
Will This Happen Ever??
A family's trauma...
The Valley Of Death
This is how death would look like and feel like. Comments are more than welcome.
I Am Here To Take You Home
Death takes us all home eventually.
Death Poem
This is a poem I wrote in 5th period and it's really emo. Comment, please!
Last Words From The Grave
I am gonna prepare something for the priest to say when I commit suicide. Save a lot of time, work, and money. So here it is. Comments are welcome.
If You Were Dying
Ever wonder about what it would be like if you found out you were dying?
A Prayer To Death
I am back from hell....I hate to admit it, but I survived from death....With lots of bleeding from my body by my cutter and lots of damage to my soul of course....But death wouldn't accept me....How pathetic is that? Maybe I should...
Graves Built to Say Goodbye
About someone at a loved ones grave wishing for more time to god..
An Ode To Death
Have you ever wonder what death will be truly like?
The Permanent End
I don't really know how I got the inspiration to this poem but I did and I think its good plz plz tell me what you think and plz plz plz don't forget to comment it is the little things like that, that make my day :)
Lonely Death
Just another death poem haha.
In My Prison All Alone
This is a poem about LIFE, DEATH & IN BETWEEN. Is the in-between Freedom or just the Nothingness of Death?
Death Life & Birth
Life, Death and re birth.
Energy is only borrowed, And one day you have to give it back. - James Cameron's AVATAR.
And if I Die
Thinking bout committing suicide..& what will happen if I die!
Destroyed By Fate
A poem about death a scar away.
Death Again
Are you waiting for death to come and get you or not???
This is Death
My point of view of what soldiers thoughts are.
You can run from death.
Heavenly Home
This is about my mother-in-law who passed away on October 23rd, 2009. May she rest in Peace.
Death to all Summer
Dedicated to all those who died in the war and to the new generation, a warning. Angela Leeming…06/02/09.
They Say
This is for my grandma and uncle. My grandma passed away this summer and my uncle last October this is for them.
A poem about death and what lies beyond.
Death on the Highway
God's Creatures Don't Have a Chance
Death Can't Touch Me As Long As I Have Her
He can't touch me as long as I have you...
The Flash of Death
This poem is about I imagine death would be. It can be confusing, and quite a psychological sense. I hope you will see what I see,feel what I feel.
MIdnight Death
This is for the one I love.....Raihanul Haq...
Missing You
Written for my youngest son he was 16 days old when he passed away. This poem is written to him telling him how much I miss him and how much my heart aches without him...
Written for my youngest son who passed away when he was 16 days old and how I am feeling.
Death is Such a Small Word
People always say "they died" or "he's dead". Like it's no big deal. But it doesn't really show how much has been lost.
Death In Due Time
Another Existence Is Waiting
Dead Until Part
This is about my uncle Skiper. He passed away Oct 27, 2008.
The Day of Death
Is anyone starting to think I'm emo? You'd think so if you had read all of my poems....
Marked for Death
About the world.. kinda...
End of Days
"Rising from the ashes of our wake, I hold these shadows close around me. Maybe darkness will make the pain fade away and bring comfort to my empty and yearning soul..."
When I Rest The Mortal Me
Life is a journey that leaves you tapping on many an inn door. Having rested well, I yearn to take the home-stretch with the right understanding and a selfless attitude...
Why Death
Death sucks...
Tears Rain Down from the Sky
God, the pain and sorrow of eternal suffering after the love of your life falls into Death's corroding abyss...
Love or Death
Real feelings...
Why ?
It's just something silly I wrote when I was in a bad mood :S:S
Death of Romance
When a young couple knows something won't last...
You Gave Me Death..
I wrote this to a person I hold so deep in my heart.. but she doesn't seem to care at all, and I'm sick of that so this is how I feel.
Plzzzzzzz comment
Hollow Angel
You will never understand.
Eternal Desperation
The best solution to life? death...
It’s The End
Life and death are interchangeable
You Have No Clue
Do you want to know?
A Sense Of Direction
There’s a long story behind this. I don't know if I like it. But do comment and tell me what you think!
Dead Insides2
Death and dying
The Choking Game
Again another poem about the choking game I think everyone should be aware of it.
Call By Name
Just a crazy poem about death and crazy thoughts...
Haven’t written in a while, comment?
Crimson Moon
Darkness can't hide the red moon, nor the crimson streets...
Silver Rose
Silence creeps over the forest ground.............
Into The Door...
Fiery hells...
Dante Please....
For my Dante who left this world Sunday night, I haven't stopped crying since.
Unpure, Unture I am the evil of the night
Just my pissed off rant at someone
Bitter Laughter
Why do they kill???????????????????
Finding God Through the Pain
I loved her and yet now she's gone. The only one to turn to when your heart has bled out all it can bleed and your soul has blackened as dark as the night sky is Him...
The Razor 2
Death And Dying...
Death of a Sailor
The beauty of fading away in the ocean's storm....
Take Me
Pills and taking them...
Memoirs of Pain
Death & Horror
The Death Of A Cousin
When your favorite cousin passes on…
*******Empty Tears*******
Abandoned soul...
The Old Woman
About death that comes for you...
Deaths Victory
This describes what it feels like when death begins to consume your life...
Kind and caring souls are soothing to the 'affected'.
As the Bell Tolls
The silent deaths across the world unnoticed.... 'Life isn't measured by the amount of breaths you take, but only by the moments that take your breath away.'
Death Comes Softly
Sweet peace and passion wracked with the ach of desire..... Please just comment
Last Journey
The pains of the death of dearest one...
Revision Of Death
Why revise when I’m not going to be around for the results…
Death And dying...
Your Voice- A Song Of Sweet, Loving Death..
Umm, I'm way not over my ex yet... but this is the only way I can let my frustration out... please just comment
Faze Death
Surprise for my it!!!
Looking At Death
Every morning I wake up...hey please just comment.....
Death Poem (My Version) 2
Dead bodies everywhere with smell so bad people finally care...
Death Through All
Double...Hey not my best but trying to teach others to do double poems.
The Pendulum- The Death Of Me
Everything went away...