Death Saved Me...

It is about a girl who decides to end her life to reunite with the true love of her life.
When nothing matters and the sun has set,
When you cry so often that everything is wet,
When I turned to you, you looked away,
You stole my heart, you’re to blame.

For every kiss and every tale,
For every scar, every fail,
Seasons past, time drifts along,
You cling in my mind like my own personal song.

Close yet far, broken yet healed,
When your body is in the ground sealed,
You were my beginning and now you’re my end,
Alone I cannot handle what God has to send.

So hold me close ghost of mine,
Because tonight I promise we shall aline,
I choose when I stop the fate’s spinning wheel,
If this is the price for love then I’m ready to deal.

I have tasted the forbidden fruit and found it pure,
Your love from above is not enough I’m sure,
The sun has set, the line is broken,
I have now made up my mind, I have spoken,
My cloudy eyes are but a token.
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Published: 4/26/2012
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