Death, The End

It is the truth of life…
I am impartial.
I am grief’s portrayal.
Life may be young or old.
I cannot be bribed with gold.
I see no gender or class.
Indeed, I am highly crass.
It may be a baby with a bib.
I don’t loosen my grip.
My entry isn’t always sudden.
It may be announced or hidden.
My visits bring tears to eyes.
As ‘Dearests’ turn colder than ice.
In me is the truth of mortality.
I am identified with brutality.
Fate trusts me with lives’ end.
"Living" call me a ghastly fiend.
Destiny’s ‘deadly’ dove is me.
I carry ‘end’ messages to thee.
In me lies life’s philosophy.
I am the ultimate reality
Published: 6/17/2008
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