Death to all Summer

Dedicated to all those who died in the war and to the new generation, a warning. Angela Leeming…06/02/09.
As the last leaf of summer
Dies into a brown
Then gently wilts
Slowly to the ground

Time ceases around you
As death has begun
Take hold of your rifles
It's World War One

The bombs are dropping
The explosions continue
And one tiny voice
Is screaming within you

Saying "Don't go,
Hold back and fight it!"
And you’re trying so hard
To suddenly smite it

But there's no turning back
It's No-Man's from here
Too strong a reason
To fight it with fear

So with tears in your eyes
And blood on your friend
You run onto No-Man's
And face the true end

War may be brave
And show that you care
But remember your loved ones
When you're no longer there.
Published: 2/25/2010
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