Death #44

Two years later and I'm still trying to sort things out. It is a fact that the longer you live, the more you learn about death, that is the definition of irony.
Rhythmic wheeze from deep in the chest,
Noble soul held hostage by life’s tenuous thread,
Didn’t want to suffer or linger, that’s best,
You don’t get to choose the moments before you’re dead.

Brave age, softened eyes, blink back tears,
Make sure everything that needs to be said,
A hug and a kiss to hold at bay the fears,
There are no answers when you are dead.

Is it better to go quickly or slow?
To say goodbye or wait for it?
The answer, "I don’t know."
Either way is shit.

Daughter weeps,
Son sobs,
Toll too steeps,
Life robs.


Let go.
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Published: 3/7/2013
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