Deep Inside Is The Darkness

What do you feel?
Deep inside is the darkness
For others it’s the light
I understand it, you just might
My feelings are different from what I have ever felt
Confused and distracted all the time
Surrounded by light and darkness is that what I feel
Once it comes together it is nothing it disappears
So what do I feel, what the hell is this feeling?
The only thing I hear is myself breathing
It’s quiet, just too quiet
Is my life ending where I am?
I’m too young to just say goodbye
I don’t know what I am feeling
These re all over the place
Or is it
Just like flying, floating is space
You don’t know where you’re going
You don’t know where you are
Trying to follow something
Trying to follow a star
Though I don’t know what I should follow
Is it that person that knows what I am feeling?
Or is it that person that knows all my sorrow.
Published: 11/20/2008
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