Defining Insanity...

Sometimes I feel like I am going insane. I have too many thoughts and they tend to run in circles. This is just an explanation of that feeling.
Knowing your days are numbered,
You learn to count backwards,
Time, by nature, moves forward,
However, you tend to move in reverse.

The sun and the stars align,
All at a specific celestial time,
And somehow you realize,
This day, already existed.

Today, you are living in the past,
Tomorrow, in the future,
Days, nights, hours converge,
Minutes, seconds, this moment at last!

You are then, you are now,
This is a "moment" in time,
All is lost, all is found,
Anyone who is nothing,
But everyone who is anything, existed.

I've been here,
I've felt this,
Clinging to a past,
That has yet to exist.
Published: 5/2/2014
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