Causes of Delayed Period

Delayed period can be attributed to many causes and conditions, from stress to some medications or overall physical health. But it is nothing to be worried about in most cases, it is very common. Check out the article below, to find out more.
The monthly ordeal or necessary evil, the menstrual cycle is about to happen any time. You are all geared up to tackle those couple of difficult days to come. All confident and mentally prepared you strut to office everyday. The d-date or rather, the M-date comes and goes by. It's all still good. A day or couple does not matter. You wait and finally, the periods come after a week or so past your regular date. You wonder what was the reason for your delayed period. This is a very familiar situation to be in but not a very good one at that sometimes. However, if you were looking out for information on postponed or delayed periods, may be the text to come, can help.

Reasons for Delayed Period

One of the most common reasons for delayed period is stress. It is a well established fact that our physical health is affected by our psychological and mental state. Stress, therefore, can have an impact on menstrual cycle. What happens is that due to excessive mental stress, a woman's body experiences a decrease in the amount of a particular hormone, that leads to curbing the process of ovulation or menstruation.

Weight issues can also lead to delay in menstruation. That is, if a woman is either underweight or overweight, it can hamper the process of menstruation. Too much of weight proves to be a hindrance to the hormonal cycle. On the other hand, lack of enough body fat wouldn't prove to be helpful for your periods. In extreme situations, periods may even stop completely. Missing periods is a typical problem in athletes or women who work out a lot.

If you are experimenting with a new medication, that could be one of the causes of a missed period or a delayed menstrual cycle. With regards to some birth control methods, it is quite a possibility. This could be the reason for a delayed period when using birth control. A sudden illness or a longer illness which has weakened you down, may lead to a missed period or late onset of a period.

Change in Work Schedule
A major turnover in your work schedule can have significant impact on periods. That is because your whole body cycle is thrown off track, specifically, if you changeover from a night shift to a day shift and vice versa.

Calculation Error
Miscalculation of the date and days of your menstrual cycle could be the reason why you think you have a delayed period. Typically, the menstrual cycle is of 28 days, but it could be a different story for every woman. It can therefore happen that our period appears to have come late when all that has happened is simply wrong mathematics. Best bet to calculate your date of period (if you know when you ovulate) is to look for your period a couple of weeks post the time of ovulation.

Perimenopause and Menopause are really difficult and transitional phases in a woman's life. The former is a stage where a woman is moving from an age where she is having her periods and can have a baby, towards a phase where she may become non productive. In the latter, as most of us know, the periods stop completely and a woman no longer menstruates or ovulates. In perimenopause, there are all the chances of a woman getting a delayed period or a period which is either too heavy or light and less or more frequent.

Last but not the least, yes, a missed or delayed period may also indicate that you are pregnant. If that is the case, a simple pregnancy test can sort out your problem.

A missed or delayed period normally is not a very serious issue and in most cases, can be sorted out by lifestyle changes comprising diet, exercise and mental relaxation. In a few cases, hormonal supplements or hormone replacement therapy may be required to induce menstruation. At the end, the solution depends on the cause. Take Care!
By Medha Godbole
Published: 5/19/2010
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