Demon In The Toilet

Just a bit of functional fun.
There's a Demon in the toilet,
Who lives round the bend,
Every time you flush it,
He just comes back again.

You can batter him with bog roll,
Or beat him with the brush...
But that determined Demon,
Will still defy the flush!

When you lift the lid, he peeks at you,
And dares you do your worst,
For that Demon in the toilet,
Knows He'll get you first.

He'll crawl inside your nostrils,
And leave a stench so vile,
You'll puke until there's nothing left,
And then you'll bring up bile.

For that Demon in the toilet,
Who just won't go away...
'Twas you called him a beauty,
And with you, he longs to stay!

Published: 9/16/2019
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