Demon Thief

I wrote this while observing my beautiful son enjoying his music on our deck on a day when his seizures and mini strokes were in check and he was once himself again..
Damn you!
What is this curse you,
Put upon his mind?

A thousand happy smiles,
Erased by the darkness of,
Your power,
Giving me reason,
To run and hide,
With him.

Again you find us,
In the dark,
In the brightest of days,
In an array of miraculous,
Spectacular scenery,
Of sea, sand, and tides,
And waves of,
Azure blue.

Vulture of death,
You hover around the corners,
Of our freedom souls,
With perfected timing.

Your claws clamp down,
Upon his mind,
We know,
Your targets,

We have you on the run,
But alone,
He will not see you coming,
Does his fate reside,
In your talons of rot and decay,
Will you win?

I must not rest,
Instead surround him,
With the love of divine,
Then let it reside within his truth.
Published: 3/7/2014
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