Deserted Beauty

A beautiful scene is depicted in this poem...
The stream was calm.
The bent branch looked like an arm.
The highway made big noise.
Speeding trucks had a loud voice!
Their horns and hoots broke the serene silence.
Stream across disliked this disturbance.
Its flow was melodious to ears.
Its waves seemed to be arranged in layers.
Their sweeping motion displayed grace.
It looked as if they were having a romantic chase!
Their ups and downs made the ferry dance.
The ferry man feigned to lose balance!
Ferry rides for kids were sheer fun.
On the waves, they wanted to run!
Bathing women had stories galore.
Narrow stony steps made the shore.
Washer men were washing on one side.
Buffaloes were cooling just beside!
Beautiful belles were swimming yonder.
On a small rock, 'bees' were hovering over!
Setting sun brought in twilight.
The stream was amazing in the faint light!
The scenery was a treat to the eyes!
Rising moon lifted everyone from their place.
One by one, all started for home.
The "deserted beauty" waited for the sun to come.

Published: 7/8/2008
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