Desire's Revenge - Chapter 6 Continued

I am sorry it took me so long to get this out. I am going to work on it when I can. I just need some ideas and I do have some. Here is another part of chapter 6. Enjoy.
Felix was still wearing the coat and watching the guy. He didn't want to give the coat back and thought if he didn't, this guy would kill him. Why was there so many things in life that caused you pain. "Like I said before you need to give me that coat back or something bad will happen to you."

"What do you mean something bad will happen?" Desire stated this with a stern look.
"That coat was made from the bones of a creature I killed, so it now belongs to me if you keep wearing it, you will end up having your life sucked out of you. I am the only one that can wear that coat sense I killed that creature." Desire didn't sense any threatening aurora coming from that coat and now decided to take Felix and run from this guy. This guy was bad news.

"I have told you a few times to give me the coat back and now I am out of patience with you boy!"

The guy thrust his weapon at Felix nailing the ground in front of him. "If this weapon hits you, you will not be around to see your adulthood." Felix flinched a little and moved back. Desire and Sonya and Ben noticed a big creature coming behind the guy. They said nothing. As soon as the creature ran up to the guy an aura around the guy like a force field made a sound and the creature got knocked back. The guy flung his weapon at the creature hitting it in the head. The creature wrenched in pain and started running towards the mountains. Desire, Ben, and Felix started running but Sonya stayed and stood right in front of the guy. She started saying some words in a language only known to her. "Fila Loc tote" Which means grow into a rock and be stuck there. The guy started turning and forming into a rock but you could still make out his face. As soon as Sonya stated this, she turned and started running from the guy. She yelled at Felix and the others. "Get moving fast this spell will only last a few minutes!!"

There was a path in front of them as they ran. Trees were all around them and they decided to go into the forest of sprites. They didn't know what they were getting themselves into though sense the sprites were evil creatures and killed you on sight. Sonya looked behind her and didn't notice the guy coming after them. But she knew that he would pursue them after the spell ran off. There in the forest was a log house with lights on and smoke coming out of the chimney. A fairy started flying towards them. "Warning, Warning, Warning!!! This is the sprites area and they are not nice. They will hurt you or kill you." The little fairy stated this and then left towards the cabin.

On the front, there was a chair and on that chair sat an old man with a cane or maybe it was a staff. As approached he yelled out "Sprites be gone!! And Force Field around us for protection." There a barrier went around them. They were safe for now. "You folks have come to the wrong place." Said the old man. He stood up and pointed his cane at them. The cane or staff started shining brightly. Sonya and Desire was muttering words to themselves. "Protect us with your will Goddess of light and dark." The old man lowered his cane and sat back down on the chair humming to himself as he sat there.
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Published: 8/6/2018
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