Devour: Chapter 1

Black and white twins.... Pale skinned, blonde haired, gray-eyed Kam; and caramel skinned, black haired and red-eyed Kira. One born to the light and the other to the darkness. Kira has to live in a world as an outcast as people look down upon her, whereas her brother lived in the limelight. When a tragic first kiss starts it all, how will she handle love, friendship and betrayal?
The Beginning

In the beginning, there was heaven and hell. I was born in the dark and my brother in the light. He was considered pure and I was evil; however, we soon learned to accept the fate that was handed to us and the abilities that came to follow.

I was young when it first happened to me. I was a young dough-eyed girl, confused and naive almost shaken with the nerves of having a first kiss with a boy who I thought liked me. I was different from other kids because I looked different, I had deep caramel skin, long black flowing hair, and slithering red eyes that displayed envy on my face. I ironically looked evil but I wasn't, people were afraid to come near me.

My elder brother, on the other hand, was pale with light gray eyes and light blonde hair that surrounded his face with curls. He was the total opposite of me, everyone loved him, he was charming even at a young age. He had the more cynical personality about him, manipulating people for personal gain, and nobody believed us to be twins. So when a boy found interest in me, I flocked to him like a helpless bird with a broken wing. He was an ordinary boy and one day after middle school he took me behind the gym room.

"You're really pretty Kira, ya know?" He whispered in my ear.
"Uhm, nobody has ever told me that before," I said very coy, "I usually get freak... or demon child... or Obomina-"

He silenced me with his finger and cupped my face with his hands leaning in to quickly and forcefully trailing his hands up my shirt. I tried to push him off me but he was too overbearing, and I was a helpless girl at the time.

"Get off!" I screamed, "GET OFF ME!"

Something happened then, a force so powerful burst from my core, like a hand reaching out for its prey and snatching it helplessly, squeezing and slowly retracting back into where it came. A transparent haze of a light, gray enigma flowed from Tommy Toussent's mouth and streamed slowly into mind. It tasted lustful. It tasted needy and it tasted of confusion. It described Tommy perfectly.

I was literally absorbing Tommy's energy, I was eating his soul. Tommy let out one last gasp of breath and fell limply to the ground. A blanket of guilt wrapped around me, hysteria took over. What had I done, I just ate Tommy? I killed him. Tommy's body began to turn blue and his eyes sprawled open staring through me distantly, I slid down to the ground; the brick wall prickling my clothes and my hair. Hot salty tears ran down my face, respiring heavily. I could hear footsteps gravitating toward this deadly scene.

"Now... Now," a familiar voice said. It was Kamryn, my brother. His presence always seems to ease my mind and give me comfort.

"Sis, what are you doing, all alone with this strange boy?" He said in a nonchalant way with a raised eyebrow, he didn't seem fazed at all by Tommie's soulless body lying on the floor. He was kneeling down and inspected him like specimen. "Tragic," he whispered, "he's gonna be a hard spirit to shake, I tell ya."

"What do you mean by spirit? Why are you so calm?! I killed him... I'm a murderer!" Tears flowed down my face like never ending rain on a windshield.

"It will get easier Kira," he said coldly, "It did for me."


The Present...

It was mid morning and I was completely and utterly exhausted. I haven't ate much lately because I was overwhelmed by the guilt I always felt from all the souls I've consumed. And I hadn't gotten enough sleep either. My brother, kamryn regularly entertains young female guests in the early hours of the night. They were so-desperate and simple-minded, distracted by his good looks and charm; he could tell them to get on their knees and bark like a dog and they would submissively. It was a trap, he ate all of them anyway.

I got out of my bed and stretched, a raspy yawn escaping my lips. Summer was almost over and we would soon be enrolling in a new school. Every year we'd happen to run in some trouble, and have to flee from the school we had been attending; more so on my brother's end. He would either get caught eating a young girl's soul in the girls' bathroom or at a party, or behind the bleachers at a football game. Honestly, he had no sign of restraint.

"Good morning Kira, my very beautiful sister, how are you feeling on this lovely morning." He sang, I heard sarcasm in his voice, he really didn't care about my feelings. He was cold, he'd always been that way.

"Like you care, you ass," I yelled back.

"Me?" He was taken back, "What kind of big brother would I be?" He laughed sinfully. I knew he had that evil smile that always seemed to be plastered on his face.

"Of course, I care about your feelings, I'm not too keen to your insult either," he shouted. "Me cold?" He was balling now. Did I mention he could read my mind, most of the time I can block him out but since I haven't eaten in a while my mind and body is weak as if I were mortal.

"Come, Come my dearest." He clasped his hand, why he thinks his British accent was believable was beyond me.
"You don't control me," I yelled.
"We have some matters to attend to." He craned his neck through the crack of my door, studied me up and down, "Look presentable my Hershey kiss," he smiled and slammed the door.

I got up and rushed through clothes settling on, a large crew neck with shorts, matched with some flip-flops. I put my hair in a high ponytail and my grown out bangs flopped in my face. I stood in the mirror staring, while unfamiliar red eyes stared right back piercingly. I was judged by these eyes once called the devil and unholy. I hated my eyes so much that I stopped looking at mirrors for years.

I accept them now, most people just think their contacts and I'm just a teen girl going through a vampire obsession. I learned to just go with it.

In the passenger seat of my brother's white jeep, I lazily stared at the trees. Silence was usually how our drives together went. He played music and drummed his thumbs to the beat, smiling at the girl driving beside us. I was jealous at how carefree he was, me on the other hand was always worrying or guilty.

"Where are we going?" I huffed.
"We have orientation for college, of course," he smiled. "Do you know how many college girls there will be? Dying to talk to me?" He breathed in hard, "Ahhh, the excitement. I can taste their auras already."
"Arrogant as usual, I see."
"Arrogant or not, I am your big bro and I will keep you safe from predators." There was a sense of sincerity in his voice.

We arrived at big building surrounded with upcoming freshmen, they scattered around the parking lot and rushed into mahogany French doors, the building was matched with brick walls and huge white pillars.

"Welcome, Bell Haven Freshmen," a huge banner greeted us. This had been the Seventh state we've moved to, some were small quiet towns or big cities like Chicago and New York. Now we settled upon a country living in Texas.

"Try to keep a low profile?" He said as he handed me mossy green colored contacts to put in.
"Why?" I asked quizzically, "Trust me, we don't want to be recognized here." He got out the car and I soon followed. As we walked in the building, all the students were mingling, they wore name tags saying, "Hello, my name is...," as soon as we walked in, I could tell we attracted people instantly, our essences did it naturally.

Wide eyes darted at us, even a few girls gasped at the sight of Kamryn's beauty. As people came to speak to him mostly, he took the attention as he always did. Smiling and flirting with the girls, brushing his finger on one girl's chin. I swear to you, her eyes rolled back in her head and she bit her lip. That's the kind of effect we had on people, I never let anyone close to me to even try out my power toward anyone.

"Hey Y'all, I'm Hilary, nice to meet you," Hilary had a strong Texans twang in her voice, she was very friendly for the most part. I didn't know if it was sincere because her eyes were fixated on my brother.

"Hi, I'm Kam," he smiled enticingly. "And this is my sister, Kira," she soon looked past him and gave him a confused look like everyone did. I know it was shocking but we both came from the same womb.

"She is my half-sister, but I love her," he smoothly gave me a tight embrace and kissed me on the top of my head. I wanted to squirm from his grip but it was stone cold, I can't believe he stoop so low as to use a line from the movie, 'The Wedding Date'. Really? Is that how he spit game nowadays. Pathetic. More pathetic is that they actually bought it, the girls surrounded us in a whirlpool of "awes" and "That's so sweet!"

When the meet and greet was over, I escaped from the crowd to find my dorm room. I didn't have anything to put in my room exactly, but I wanted to get familiar with my surroundings. I reached my dorm room and happy that it was empty. Nobody had claimed it yet and I felt peace at mind to know that I'd be faraway from my brother.

"Not quite," Kam said through the door. I shoved my head in a pillow and screamed, "little dramatic aren't we love."
"Leave me alone, stop following me," I groaned.
"I just wanted to inform you that I won't be living on campus." He shook his head, "too messy."
"Seriously!" I perked up.
"Well, don't sound so excited, I'll always be watching."
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Published: 6/26/2013
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