Diets for Men

Is staying healthy still a dream for you? Let's take a look at the different diets for men, which include weight loss diets and weight gain diets as well...
Maintaining a healthy body may be difficult, but it is not impossible. There are numerous types of diets for men, as each man is different and has a different body type. Choosing the correct diet not only helps you to get the perfect body, but an overall healthy one. To achieve this though, you will have to sacrifice some of your favorite food and follow a strict eating habit.

The most important factor we need to remember while dieting is that there are certain types food you are supposed to eat and certain types of food that you are supposed to avoid. Consuming the correct amount of nutrients is mandatory, and an important part of whatever diet you are following. There are mainly two types of diets for men, either weight gain diets or weight loss diets. Besides these two main types, there are also specialized diets like the athletes diet, diet for patients, six pack abs diet for men and many more. In this article, let's focus on the best diets for men.

Weight Gaining Diets for Men

Are you unable to gain weight and feel that you are too thin as compared to someone of your height and age? The reason you may be underweight could be due to an eating disorder, improper physical activity or even due to hereditary reasons. However, eating more will not help you put on weight, as you need to gain mass not fat. Thus, gaining weight in a healthy way is very important. The best weight gain diets for men are those that include healthy foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. Calculating BMI is essential before preparing a diet plan for yourself. Including a high carb diet as well high protein diet foods which include beef, chicken and nuts, is very essential while putting on weight. It is fine to include unsaturated fats in your food. Eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables, you can also have milk, whole milk products like cheese, cotton cheese and milkshakes as part of a weight gain diet. Regarding weight gain tips for athletes, you need to have more of cereals than rice. Have a heavy breakfast while you start the day and a light dinner for easy digestion.

Weight Loss Diets for Men

Losing weight is indeed tough, however, a little bit of patience and hard work can get you there. It is unhealthy to feast on burgers, chips, cakes, chocolates, and colas. Firstly, plan a balanced diet chart as it will help you stay focused on what needs to be eaten throughout the day. There are 'n' number of diets that work for men, these include the Atkins diet plan, the diabetic diet plan to lose weight, and many others. There are also crash diets for men but not everybody be able to lose weight by following these. Weight loss diets for men should include food that is low in calories. You should have a high protein diet consisting of products like lean meat, whole eggs, and fish as they give you lots of energy throughout the day. A low carb diet which includes whole grain cereals, whole wheat, and brown rice could also be good for you, as low carbohydrate levels lead to reduction in production of insulin in the body, thereby causing the body to use up the fat and protein stored for generating energy. Snacks in the diet can be substituted with one glass of skimmed milk as it is low in calories. Soy and whey protein shakes are good meal replacement shakes for men which are high in protein. Burning body fat is most important, and there are many fat burning diets for men. Fat burning foods for men include salads, pasta, fresh vegetables, fruits high on vitamin C, and fish products. While undergoing weight loss you may also try a sugar free diet which controls your daily sugar intake. There is also a special athletes diet to lose weight, which is also followed by many athletes.

There are many healthy diets for men, so remember to choose the correct one for yourself. Have patience, it would take time, as results are not shown overnight. Always follow the right type of diet, and stay away from junk food like fast food, sweets, chips, etc., as they only add up the calories. Most importantly, don't forget to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. I hope the diets for men was helpful to you and I am sure about you meeting your target, be it weight gain or weight loss, very soon if you stick to your diet chart.
By Junelia Rodrigues
Published: 10/4/2010
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