Dinner for One, Please!!

Random thoughts about the difference between two genders.
A very dear friend of mine, once told me that one of the fundamental differences in men and women was that men have absolutely no problem in going out and eating at a restaurant all by themselves. He does it at least once a week. It helps him clear his thoughts. I, on the other hand, choose the company of my very close women friends to achieve that. I tried the eating out alone thing, but I left before I even placed the order.

That night I had a thought, are women that uncomfortable with the idea of being alone? Is that why we choose to socialize and agree with the double-standards of being escorted. Heck, women seldom go to the ladies room all by themselves. Why? Why is it that women are more at ease when in company, agreed it's the company of select few, whereas men are more particular about having their space.

Men hate going to parties stag, mostly. However, their dates change every so often. And even during the party, they choose to hang out with their friends and be able to check out the women, while the women make attempts to be checked out.

Then I wondered, are these weird paradoxical behavior the reason why men and women co-exist and fit, or are they the reason why the battle has just never ended? Or is it both? Is it that opposites attract, or is it that they enjoy it thanks to the option of distance and the benefit of mutually understood communication?

These are few of the never answerable questions, simply for the fact, that if and when someone chooses to answer it, a person of the opposite sex, questions the answer.
By Rashida Khilawala
Published: 7/17/2009
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