Dirge To The Dead

I know I've put some of this on here before, but I've turned it into a concept album of poems about a man driven over the edge by lost love, but most of it is new. Hope you like it.
Dirge To The Dead

I Am Not Afraid; A Prologue

I am not afraid of dying,
When my time comes, it will come,
When the Angel of Death whispers my name,
I shall gladly follow Him!

I am not afraid of the dark,
I welcome it's sanctuary,
When my candle peeters out for the last time,
I will wallow in the peace that it give me!

I am not afraid of loneliness,
I have lived within its shadow all my life,
If you should choose to leave, my dear,
I will not let you see the tears I cry!

Eye Of The Lost

And the night hangs in feverish pitch,
It's illness contagious like plague,
I am floored by the misery of cold emptiness,
Vacant as an empty page.
I'm the unfinished verse of the poet,
The uncoordinated saga of lust,
I'm the pain, the passion, and the sorrow,
The tear in the eye of the lost.


The night smelled damp and decayed,
And I sensed a presence in the darkness,
Watching me through primeval eyes,
Wicked, antediluvian madness...
An antique awareness that knew of my fate!

And the ghost of a thought that came to me,
Was trying to tease me toward the edge,
A thought of a face from so long ago,
A print of flawless, pristine page.
The face of she who had caused my fate.


I lay alone in invisible shadow,
Huddled inside a blanket of darkness,
Staring at the emptiness that lay before me,
Trying to grasp of awareness,
Reaching out to something that isn't.

Kaleidoscopic pinpoints of light,
Dancing their dance of remembrance,
Tiny reminders of color and warmth,
Partitioned by a shrug of indifference,
Vague and opaque and distant.

And I shuffle my memories,
Looking for reason,
My head hurts from hemorrhage;
The vessels of treason;
My lungs are inflated,
With breaths of roared anger,
And my heart pounds with fear,
Of the forever hereafter.

Yet still I lay alone and invisible,
Out of sight, out of reach, out of mind,
Abandoned by those wildest of notions,
That somewhere out there is a friend...
For I know loneliness to be constant.

Thoughts Of Yesterday

To me, she was the romance,
The rose, the wine, the tenderness,
To her, I was a skirt-hike,
The quickie behind the bike sheds,
A disposable throwaway,
The forgotten thought from yesterday.

Now all that's left is the wine,
And a vaseful of withered rose,
And I pour myself another glass,
And draw another line through my nose...
It helps me get through the day,
And forget those thoughts of yesterday.

I saw a woman in the fog of a dream I had,
In the hangover of a waking conscience,
She looked like her... But she wasn't her...
I don't see that should make a difference.

I need another drink to clear my head,
And maybe some pills and a line,
I need to cross the perimeter A.S.A.P.,
Or I'll never catch up which was mine.

The Lord looked in upon me
He shone at me from my windowsill
Yet His fingertips of holy fire
Were too weak to pick up the pills!
Let me sleep, I don't want to pray,
Let me get lost in thoughts of yesterday.

Two Voices

"He needs help. Professional help."
"And you think that will help his melancholy state?"
"We can only try, but he has to be willing."
"We'd as well as put his head on a plate!"

Dim Light On A Summer's Day

Dim light on a summer's day,
It's as good as it gets, we're afraid,
A little glimmer of something better,
To what you've experienced of late.

Come in and lay yourself down on the couch,
Tell me your story, I'll write it down,
Give me your worries, I'll give you some pills,
And I'll send you off home for the kill.

Well, look at the time, it's up, my friend,
Until next week when we meet again,
Now don't you go doing anything rash,
For business is tight and I need the cash.

I'm concerned for you, really, I am,
You'd better believe me and start giving a damn,
Don't go leaving a hole for others to dig,
Pull your head out of your arse, you selfish pig!

Dim light on a summer's day,
As good as it gets, your own passion play,
So go martyr yourself behind your closed door,
As for us, we just don't give a shit anymore!

A Rainbow Of Hope

I saw a rainbow, it filtered through my window,
And it nearly brought a smile to my eyes,
It was bright and colorful, almost wonderful,
As its spectrum built a bridge across the sky.

And for a moment I saw hope reflected in the mirror,
Just for a split second, relief from the terror,
Until the image reverted to black and white...

I felt a heartbeat, for the first time in a long time, a heartbeat,
I felt the pulse of life once more in my soul,
And my spirit, it longed to soar to its limits,
To release me from this prison, dark and cold...

And for a moment I saw hope reflected in the mirror,
Just for a split second, relief from the terror,
Until that dead expression looked back at me again!


And I lay once more in the darkness,
Painting morbid pictures in my head,
Writing words from a macabre quill,
Composing my dirge to the dead.


Gray, black landscapes,
Are all that I can see,
Dull, dark storm clouds
Are raining down on me,
Misery sets in to taunt me,
Memories comes back to haunt me.
Darkening shadows,
Fill my head with dark thoughts,
Frightening whispers,
That scare me with their words,
Dread fills me with its illusion,
Fear will bring its own solution.

Thunder crashing,
Across a blackened sky,
Storm winds howling,
Blow out my candle light,
Leaving me in pitch black darkness,
To weave the templates of my madness.
Paranoid visions,
Fuel my irrational fears,
Deprived of reason,
And mental clarity,
I see her face in my reflection,
So beastly in my mind's conception.

Empty highways,
Leave me nowhere to flee,
No directions,
Point to the gallows tree,
A rope dangling beneath the branches,
Offers suicidal franchise.
Sale of purchase,
The rope around my neck,
It feeds my purpose,
My soul is there to take,
End this life of mental anguish,
Relief from torment is accomplished.

Published: 2/7/2020
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