Dirty Secrets (1): Matchmakers

Seventeen-year-old Emmy feels pressured to date a boy who she has no interest in.
(It is Wednesday afternoon and the girls are hanging out in Mila's house.

A blonde girl, Emmy, is seen sitting on the sofa holding a notebook and pencil in her hands. A purple-haired girl, Violet, skips over to Emmy and sits beside her.)

Violet: Hey, Em!

Emmy: Oh, hey Vi.

Violet: (peering at Emmy's notebook) That's a nice sketch! (Pauses) Is that... Mila?

(Mila is sitting on the armchair next to them, seemingly texting on her phone. She looks up for a moment, hearing her name.)

Emmy: (face turns pink) Oh, um... I was just drawing the first thing I saw...

Violet: Well, it's really good!

Mila: (blinks in surprise) You're drawing me?

(Emmy nods shyly.)

Mila: Oh cool, lemme see!

(She jumps up and snatches the notebook off Emmy's hands. She's gazing at the sketch, her green eyes twinkling.)

Emmy: (embarrassed) It's not done yet! My... my shading is awful... I'm really bad at drawing hands... and... (she hunches up her shoulders) I'm sorry. You don't have to pretend to like it.

(Violet gently smacks Emmy's arm.)

Violet: Stop being so harsh on yourself! You have a talent, Em.

Mila: Yeah! I love it!

Emmy: (shocked) Y-you do?

Mila: (takes a picture of the sketch with her phone) Hell yeah, I do! You made me look so beautiful!

Emmy: (mumbles) Well, you are beautiful...

(Violet slings an arm around Emmy's neck with a smirk on her face.)

Violet: You know who else is really into art?

Emmy: Who?

Violet: (winks) Eddie.

Emmy: (groans) For the last time, Vi, he's a nice guy but-

Violet: (shakes Emmy by her arm) Oh, c'mon Em! He's perfect for you! (Gestures to Mila) Back me up, gurl! Isn't he Emmy's soulmate?

(Mila looks at Emmy for a moment. Emmy looks back at her with anxious, pleading eyes.)

Mila: (smiles) Of course!

(Emmy frowns.)

Mila: Oh, don't gimme that look! You can't deny it. There's not a single soul that doesn't think you two don't belong together.

Violet: Exactly! Eddie is a sweet guy. He writes poetry and his own songs and he plays the guitar. He's a huge fan of Shakespeare! And he's into those boring theatre plays you love so much.

Mila: Plus, he's, like, rich and posh. He's on the same wavelength as you.

Emmy: I'm not posh...

Violet: He totally gets you! (Viewing his picture on her phone) And look at how handsome he is!

(She holds the phone next to Emmy's face. The image reveals a blond boy with blue eyes and a friendly smile.)

Violet: You and him would look so good together! A true power couple.

Emmy: (moves the phone away) I don't care. I don't feel that way for him. I wish you guys would stop bringing him up.

Mila: Well, no one is expecting you to have feelings for him right now. We just want you to give him a chance.

Violet: Yeah. Go on one date with him and see how things go. If you don't wanna see him after that, fair enough. We'll drop it.

(Emmy tightens her grip on her notebook, her knuckles turning white.)

Emmy: I don't know...

Violet: What's stopping you?

(Emmy looks at Violet hopelessly, then she looks down at her lap, staring at her sketch of Mila.)

Mila: (softly) Em... Are you scared?

Emmy: I... (quietly) I haven't been on a date with a guy before...

Violet: Aww! (gives Emmy a side hug) There's a first time for everything. It's okay to be nervous!

(Emmy shakes her head, her face turning redder.)

Emmy: I don't want to do it. I don't feel ready.

Violet: (reassuringly) Look, I understand how you feel, but Eddie is a sweetheart and he really fancies you. Don't waste this opportunity just because of your nerves.

Emmy: (shakes her head) I can't do it. I'm sorry... I just can't.

Mila: (snaps her fingers) I know! How about we have a double date?

Emmy: (startled) W-what?

Mila: Well, Stella wanted to set me up on a blind date with this guy she met at her modelling agency. So... (she holds Emmy's hand in between her palms) How about we join forces?

(Emmy's heart races faster and her hands are getting sweaty. She looks into Mila's green eyes and gulps nervously.)

Emmy: I... don't know...

Mila: Come on, Em! I'll be there to make sure you don't freak out! Besides (smirks playfully) if our dates are losers, we can ditch them and have our own fun.

Emmy: (squirms) I guess so.

Violet: (squeals excitedly) Ahhh! So you'll do it! You'll go out with Eddie!

Emmy: (quickly) Only if Mila is there too.


(Later that day, Violet is in her own bedroom, staying up late and completing her assignment on her laptop. She gets a call from her best friend, Stella. She answers the phone.)

Violet: Hey, girl. Everything okay?

Stella: (merrily) Mila agreed to go out with Mark!

Violet: Yeah, I'm aware.

Stella: That girl is a switch. One min, I couldn't get her to agree to this date. She was, like, "Oh, I'm not looking for a relationship blah blah blah," and then I randomly get a call from her saying she changed her mind.

Violet: She's an interesting one, that's for sure.

(She closes her laptop and lays back on her bed, getting more comfortable.)

Violet: Guess what! Em agreed to go out with Eddie!

Stella: Nice! You finally convinced her, huh?

Violet: (twirls her hair strand) I know she'll thank me later for setting her up with the love of her life. They're gonna get married and she'll ask me to be her Maid of Honor! I can practically see the future.

Stella: Ehh... I dunno about that.

Violet: Don't you think they're meant to be?

Stella: At first, I thought so, but... the more I think about it, Eddie's too similar to her.

Violet: Yeah? And what's the problem with that?

Stella: I dunno about you, but I'd personally get bored in that kinda relationship. There's a saying, "Opposites attract." I, 100%, stand by that.

(Violet grabs a pillow, cuddling it close against her chest.)

Violet: Well, that's you, Stella. Not everyone wants a Bad Boy. I know exactly what my little Em needs. I can bet you he's a way better match for her, than what you've chosen for Mila.

Stella: (snickers) No way! Mark is awesome. He's exactly the kind of guy Mila would want. He's tall, dark, sexy and he's fit as hell. Honestly, they're perfect for each other.

Violet: Nah, no one can beat Eddie and Em together. They're the OTP.

Stella: Oh, really? Let's make a wager then... See which pairing lasts the longest. The loser has to be the winner's slave for a week. No - two weeks!

Violet: Are you serious? You really want to gamble over our friends intimate relationships?

Stella: Yep. Are you scared to lose or something?

(Violet sits up on her bed, huffing.)

Violet: You know what? You're on! Emmy and Eddie will last way longer than Mila and Mark. Let's be real, Mila drops guys so quickly. Good luck with that.

Stella: Emmy hasn't even been in a relationship before and she's not even into Eddie. Looks like your pair needs all the luck they can get. They won't make it past the first date, I betcha.

Violet: Get ready to eat your words. I'mma make a list of the things that I'll get you to do when you're my slave.

Stella: Oh yeah? If - no, when I win, I'll make you wear a boring brown wig. You'll be a basic bitch.

(Violet gasps, her hands flying to her purple hair protectively. She balls up her fists.)

Violet: Alright, you wanna play dirty? I'll show you how it's done!


(It is Saturday morning. Emmy is in Mila's bedroom, sitting in front of a vanity mirror. Standing behind her is Mila, who is brushing Emmy's golden hair.)

Mila: Look at you! You're so beautiful.

Emmy: (blushes) No I'm not.

Mila: (rolls her eyes) Come on, now, let's not get modest. You know, you look good.

Emmy: (gulps) Thanks (fidgets with her dress) So do you...

Mila: (pats her hair) I know. I think these- (fingers her golden hoop earrings) really make me look hot.

Emmy: (smiles) Yes, they do. Did Stella give them to you?

Mila: No, Cam did. Bless, I love her.

(She picks up a pink lipgloss and turns Emmy around to face her. Emmy suddenly gets nervous, looking directly into Mila's eyes, which are focusing on her lips.)

Emmy: (startled) What... what are you doing?

Mila: (firmly) Don't move. I've got this perfect shade for you. It'll bring your whole look together.

Emmy: Okay...

(Mila applies the gloss on her. Emmy is frozen like a statue, her breathing deepens as Mila comes closer, intensely concentrating on her lips.)

Mila: (softly) I know you're nervous, Em.

Emmy: Y-you do?

Mila: Mmh, but you don't have to be afraid. (Looks into her eyes) First dates always make me nervous... even to this day. But it's not so bad. (Continues applying the gloss) The more you do it, the easier it gets.

(Emmy holds onto Mila's wrist.)

Emmy: I don't want to date him. I don't care if he's the most perfect person for me, I just want...

(She looks at Mila wistfully.)

Mila: (sighs) We've been through this before, Em. It's not a good idea.

Emmy: But-

Mila: (sternly) No. We're not talking about this again (she moves away from Emmy's hold) From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry... But you need to move on. We both do. For the sake of our friendship.

Emmy: But-

(Mila puts her finger on Emmy's lips, silencing her. Emmy can hear her heart beating next to her ears.)

Mila: Forget about the past. Focus on the future. Do you understand?

(Emmy nods slowly, defeated. Mila's phone buzzes with a new text.)

Mila: Our Uber is here. Let's go!


Author's Note:

I haven't given up on Last Hope, so stay tuned for that. I just felt like posting something easier to write.
Published: 5/27/2019
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