Disability Discrimination in the Workplace

Discrimination against the disabled at the workplace, as much as we would like to ignore it, does exist. Let us see more about what can be done about it, in this article.
Sam, 42, is a person with a disability and has been fired from his job where he was working as an analyst. According to Sam, he was not given any proper reason for his expulsion. He feels that he was a target due to his disability and not because of performance related issues. Now, he is consulting his lawyers on what action can be taken against the company management.

Discrimination in the workplace has always been a controversial topic in the underdeveloped, developing as well as the developed nations. People with disabilites do receive many benefits from the government to lead a better life. However, in the corporate world, it has been observed that some people face discrimination which affects their morale and confidence, hampering their progress in life. Employment discrimination is an issue which needs to be handled seriously. Only when you are aware that there is such discrimination, you can take legal steps to safeguard your career. So, let us see how to identify disability discrimination.

Identifying Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination in the workplace can be identified from incidences happening around you in the office. Here are some possible examples.
  • If you observe that all important tasks and projects are being taken away from you without proper reason, then this might be a warning sign for you.
  • All of a sudden your job profile is changed, giving unrealistic targets and expecting timely completion, not making you a part of important meetings, giving your peers promotions and increments, before you, without any justified reason can be the signs that you are being a victim of disability discrimination.
  • A salary cut and reduction in incentives could also indicate discrimination on the basis of disability.
  • Verbal comments made against you, by your seniors or peers, can also be included in disability discrimination.
Provisions in the Law Against Disability Discrimination

The United States government, recognizing the importance of protecting the interests and preventing unfair treatment of individuals with disability, has passed a law known as The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). This law prohibits companies from discriminating on the basis of disability. Protection is provided by this law for both, physical as well as mental disabilities. Another noteworthy point, an employer does not have the right to discriminate with an employee on the basis of some earlier disability. However, certain personality disorders and addiction to narcotic substances, do not fall under the law. Disability discrimination in the workplace can be curbed only if the victim makes use of the above mentioned law. For that, he should ideally consult an employment attorney who will guide him in the right way. By discussing the entire case with the attorney, specially abled people can find ways to get justice.

This article on disability discrimination in the workplace has given you all relevant information so that you can seek justice against workplace harassment. Timely measures can help you deal with any kind of injustice in an effective way. All the best!
By Charlie S
Last Updated: 9/21/2011
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