Do You Believe?

In the end all that matters is whether you believe or not; is there something in life to strive for or not? But now it's time to ask yourself: Should I or should I not run this knife across my wrist?
When it comes to the point
that you ask yourself this:
'Should I or should I not
run this knife across my wrist?'

You may think a while
for the answer won't come quick.
Do you believe in God
or is there no point to exist?

These thoughts will run,
run throughout your head,
as to whether or not
you should be dead.

When the decision is made,
and many tears are shed
it is only the blade
that shows what you have said.

If you believe in Him
and there is something to help strive
you try to amend your sins
and do good while your alive,

but if you say no
and there's nothin' else to say;
it is then time to go
and just fade away.

When time runs out, in the end,
the decision is up to you,
and if the wounds do not mend
then you'll know what to do...
Published: 3/26/2008
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