Do You Like My Canvas?

This is how I feel when I used to have a cutting problems. Please, get help if you do. It ruined my life for the longest, and still affects my life till this day.
This dreadful life,
Made up of hate and misery,
Emotions are useless.
It causes us pain and sorrow.
How do I get out of this horrid place?

Give me a Canvas,
And give me a double-sided blade,
Then I'll paint you a master piece.
The paint starting from crimson,
To a brown color.
Do you like my Canvas?

I look at the marks on my arms,
Do I clean it?
Do I wash it?
Do I wipe it off?
Or do I let the world see what It's done to me?
So, let me ask you this again, "Do you like my Canvas?"
Published: 12/11/2009
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