Do You Remember? - Prologue

A new story I'm working on that I'm sure you all will LOVE just because I'm in love with my characters. It's called 'Do You Remember?'. Also read the author's Note below by the author of 'It's Royally Complicated'.
Do You Remember? - Prologue

Athena Thompson and Jake Brown had a friendship no one understood. She was the shy, nerdy girl that no one noticed and he was the school's golden boy. But when tragedy struck, Jake pushed everyone, including Athena, out of his life despite all her efforts to help him. Without Jake's companionship she finds herself alone and forces herself to grow up.

It's now three years later, Athena is no longer the girl she used to be. She's confident, assertive and beautiful. So when she gets pushed into being the troubled yet still fun-loving Jake's tutor for three weeks, Jake remembers how much he really cares for her. Does everything he can to make her remember as well but for some reason, she does everything she can to forget.


Dear Readers,

Okay, so I'm sure what you all are thinking right now is, what the heck happened to Mark's story?!

Well, I'm a little stuck because I got a bit carried away and now I have to re-write it because basically I got too excited and started writing chapters ahead. Now things are just weird and the story is lying on word with a lot of gaps and . . . yeah. But I'll sort it out as soon as I can, no worries. In the mean time, I thought I'd post this story since Jake and Athena are basically writing their own story right now. Hope you guys love.

P.S. I'm literally posting the story right after I post this, so you should find 'Do You Remember? - Chapter One' on my author's page soon.

Hugs, kisses and blueberry ice cream (I'm stuffing myself with that stuff lately) to all of you, my dear readers. I can't wait to hear from you again.
Published: 11/18/2013
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