Dog Poems

Dogs - they are man's best friends. They are considered loyal, trustworthy, and they make the most wonderful pets. We give you a collection of poems that talk about the many facets of these animals.
Karma Puppy
He was a little puppy looking for love, and he won't let go of so easy.
All about being a mother....
My Old Dog
We're putting my dog down (7/20).
God Has a Kitty and a Fireplace
I was half asleep in front of a fireplace when I wrote this. Hope it makes you feel warm and cozy!
Little Buddy, Snowy
A pet loss story of a cute little pup and the short-lived snowy times...
The Pair
Cat and the dog...........
My Dog Was Dying!!!
Stupid funny...
A Dreaming Dog
A poem I wrote when my beloved dog Shulky died of old age.
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