Dog Repellents

Stray dogs making your garden a mess? Then you could do with a dog repellent for a solution, correct? Read the following article for some such solutions.
Stray dogs can be a nuisance, especially if they are anywhere near the word garden. The rampaging ease with which they go about destroying the perfect peace and harmony of the garden is really something else. That unparalleled vengeance with which they attack the poor plants is really no less than extreme torture. Actually, I would even go so far as to say that not only the plants but also the smaller pets are in danger with the persistent lingering of dogs and their destructive dog behavior. So how do you go about saving those plants and pets, or the garage contents? I think using some form of dog repellent has to be undertaken for them to get the picture and scoot. And what are some of these dog repellent types?

Dog Repellent Plants
There have been recent studies that show that there are certain plants that repel dogs. The easiest thing about these plants is that once you plant them you don't have to be bothered again. There has been enough evidence to suggest that a variety of the Coleus Canina is an effective dog repellent plant. It has thick leaves and emanates a pungent smell that repels dogs, cats, rabbits and squirrels. Humans are not affected by it but these animals with their heightened sense of smell are turned off. Plant these in strategic locations around the garden and you won't be bothered again.

Ammonia Smell
Dogs have a heightened sense of smell so use that to your advantage. Make a mix of vinegar, lemon juice and ammonia and dip some cotton balls in it. Then place these in an open container and put them around the places that you do not want the dogs to go to. This even works well when you're teaching your dog obedience and disciplining your dog to step away from garbage cans and furniture. One other thing that can be done is to mix ammonia and a detergent that has a strong pine smell to it in equal amounts of water and spray this near the plants or on the doors of the garage. The smell completely repels dogs and they do not want to visit the area again.

Chili Pepper
Chili pepper contains ingredients that act as natural irritants and dog repellents. The spice in the pepper and chili causes extreme irritation around the dog's nose when he smells something. This deters them from frequenting the place. Spray generous amounts of this powder in areas that the dogs are causing a nuisance.

Citrus Solution
Dogs don't like the smell of citrus. Didn't know that? Now you do. Just take any of the citrus fruits like lemon or orange or sweet lemon and make slices. Then simply place those slices or the peels, near or at the base of the plants and other areas. If there is a danger of other rodents getting to the slices, then simply get the juice out and spray this around the plants and other areas.

Other Solutions
  • Vinegar. But never pour this as it is. It will kill the plants. Instead dip a cotton ball in it and place around.
  • Mothballs have a strong scent to them that is unbearable for most dogs.
  • Mustard oil. Drops of this can be poured anywhere. Make sure you don't stain anything.
  • Bury their feces in areas that they frequently dig out and they'll be gone forever.
  • Cayenne pepper
And now that you know what some of the homemade dog repellents are, you can use some of these methods and draw up a good plan to drive the canines away. All the best and hope your garden will be safe now.
By Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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