Don't Cut Me Down!

Trees conserve our environment, so mull over rather than cut down a tree. This poem is about beautiful Nature and how it is disturbed by an impulsive hand.
The yellow daffodils looked on,
In the shade of this solitary oak tree;
Providing refuge to many,
In the vagrant seasons until now;
Standing tall over the purple wintercreeper flowers.

Red-breasted nutcatcher, goldfinch and titmouse
Perched on its branches,
Acknowledging spring;
The bumble bees hovering
Over the honeysuckles below,
Old grandpa too sitting under his favorite shade,
Nor far away -
The long grass blades glinting in the sun.

Fracturing the monotonous landscape
The sound of an impetuous wood cutter;
Its solitude all shook up,
A desolate landscape now defiant
Where the oak tree stood,
Not so long ago.
By Sybil T
Published: 12/1/2009
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