Don't Let Go

Wrote for a girl I love dearly.
Never part nor let go of this beat that never rest,
Don't jump too soon into the chaos we call love,
Be sure the one you love is down below waiting to catch you,
Or an incomplete nightmare will continue,
As your heart shatters again and again.

Won't feel any shame if I fall,
Because I have nothing to hide or fear,
Don't care what others see,
What could they see?
A girl and a guy with no details of their love,
But to us we can see a future of a beautiful family together.

Tho it may be a dream,
And tho it shall seem so far away,
We continue to live day-by-day,
Looking forward to this dream together,
When you fall to the bottom,
I will be there waiting,
As I see you falling closer to my arms.

My heart begins to interpret the years that went by,
Since we met and I hold not a single regret,
I won't let go, so baby don't let go,
Scars edged within both of our skin from the past,
But we continue to live in this nightmarish life.

That's the power of love,
Even in chaos when I'm with you,
Everything's beautiful.
Published: 6/16/2012
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