Don't Quit - The Key of Success

Don't ever quit and persevere to succeed. This is a short poem to motivate you.
When things turn easier said than done,
They are not usually quite fun,
For you’ll never want to deal with,
The obstacles in your life, just kill it.

The day when I was young,
The birds in the tree sung,
That I succeeded by following my will,
That I have a number of hearts to fill.

I feel that there’s courage in me,
They say they’ll set me free,
If I apply it in my way,
I’ll have no words to say.

The pleasure in my days,
I won't be stuck in a cay,
Don’t look back,
Until you’re done,
Because you’ll be happy,
When your father says, "Well done, son."

Follow your dream,
With you they’ll gleam,
The time is now,
And then you’ll bow,
To the cheers of all,
In love with yourself, you’ll fall.

Nothing is impossible,
You’ll be hated by hell!
Perseverance is the key,
They help you reach what you wanted to be.

There is I, and everyone for motivation,
Nothing can discourage you,
Just start your invention,
Because good things are few.

Be undisturbed,
By the devils around you,
Be observed,
By the works you do,
This is not a dream,
If you got determination,
This is not reality,
If you hate perseverance.

When things turn hard, as they will,
When you think they’re about to kill,
Don’t worry because they are a test,
It is killing you, because you’re the best.

Don’t you think it's too much for you,
Because if you work hard and you are like "Whew!"
Turn back and look how far you’ve come,
Now, you’ll say that quitters are dumb.

Make your life harder for you,
Because if it’s easy, satisfactions are few,
Every failure is another step to success,
If you stop, you know it is a mess!

Keep going until you shine,
Failures before that moment is totally fine,
The times you fail, it can turn you down,
The times you keep going, it’s the opposite of a frown,
You’ll reach success if you wait a bit,
To get there, there’s no reason to quit.
Published: 8/8/2013
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