Doorless Shower Ideas

Doorless showers are a good option to be considered while you design a walk in shower or just add a partition for creating shower space. Here are some doorless shower ideas to help you in creating an attractive shower space.
Doorless showers look grand and classy. Doorless shower designs are today much preferred over closed shower stalls or completely private shower areas. No matter if you have a large bathroom or a small place that can be dedicated for shower enclosure, doorless designs are always a hit. With doorless designs even a compact shower stall can look much spacious. If you are planning to design a doorless shower, then here are some ideas to help you in your way. Let me tell you that the doorless shower ideas mentioned below are sure to help you convert a simple shower space into a beautiful looking shower area.

Doorless Shower Design Ideas

To start with, size of a doorless shower will basically depend upon the size of your bathroom. You can look for a corner space for placement of this shower as the same is going to be doorless. Having a corner shower space with a smart entrance that hides the interiors of shower area is a good idea. So, this ensures that the shower area is completely visible only after standing in front of its entrance. An extended partition ahead of its entrance helps add to the privacy factor.

Well, if privacy is not a concern, you have the freedom of designing the entrance in various ways. Make sure that you design the interiors really well in this case, as the same are going to be easily visible after entering the bathroom. You can also place the shower in a way that a large window which gives a wonderful view of your backyard is right in front of the entryway. Further consider adding soft printed sheers to this window that will play up the beauty of this space.

Look for decorative materials for walls of doorless shower area. Clear glass is a popular pick if you are not looking for the privacy factor while designing the shower space. This also ensures that the same does not create any blocking effect and its interiors also look spacious. One of the best doorless shower ideas is to have the structure made of beautiful frosted glass or decorative glass. A designer touch can be added to the upper trim of the shower stall by cutting it into steps or tapering style instead of keeping it in a straight horizontal line.

Interior walls and flooring play a prime role in making the shower space look perfect. Glass tiles remain the ultimate pick for decking up the walls and floors of this doorless shower stall. Even if you have a walk in shower of clear glass, glass tiles in bright and appealing colors are going to help you design a shower area that looks simply awesome. You can use small marble tiles or pebble inlays for wall, which are good alternative to glass tiles.

Setting up the interiors well include addition of essential and decorative elements as well. Firstly decide the placement of shower panel, other fixtures and knobs. Why not add a beautiful teak bench on a side or a corner? Further decide the placement of narrow shelves and closed cabinets. These are essential to hold the toiletries and shower essentials. A few decorative wall pieces on the bathroom walls that are visible from the shower space can be added. If privacy is a concern, an attractive and retro styled shower curtain can give a perfect finishing touch to the shower area.

While working on the doorless shower design you need to plan the same very well. Doorless shower areas are much prominent then the closed shower stalls. Make sure you keep the space clean and tidy. Add good quality tiling and fixtures to have a perfect looking area to have a relaxing shower!
By Mamta Mule
Published: 5/25/2011
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