Dragon's Breath

Addiction is not forever.
When you burn bright, I burn brighter,
My desire to rise higher,
Lights up my eyes, reflecting the fire...

I sit and I hit, savoring the feel of glass on my lips,
I'm drinking in your gift with a gasping sip,
Falling deeper with each rip and every crazed trip.

Each crystal swallowed by a faltering flame,
Reminds me that addiction is impossible to tame,
And that after giving in to you, I will never be the same.

You lay silent, in shadows, your wicked heat gone cold,
Even so, as I was told, you refuse to relinquish your hold,
And my resistance, my soul, is sold-trapped by my demons of old.

I can't stop, I strike a match, and intensify the captured heat,
Tasting you like a long awaited treat; just keep,
Twisting your warmed body to my own imaginary beat.

Hour after hour, I forever lust, obsessing a must,
Swallowing your breath, letting the intoxication settle like dust,
No, it's more permanent, it corrodes like rust.

I'd step back, try to get away, be free,
And it would be a pathetic attempt to run, to flee...
Can't you see? You overpowered my ability to be me!

Suddenly, my will to resist was washed away like a flood,
Pushing through my veins, polluting with whispers like mud,
And I would finally relax as your vapor seeped into and poisoned my blood...


People who have never experienced addiction, may never know the daily struggle that others face from the moment they wake up, to the moment that they finally fall to sleep. It's a monumental battle against an agonizing desire, but here's to the ones who have been able to step away and can say "I don't want that, I don't need that. it no longer has control over me...." You are beautifully strong. Stay that way. Life is so much clearer on the other side. (:
Published: 4/8/2014
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