Dragon Stories

Dragons! They are legendary, mystifying, mythical creatures that feature in several art and literary works. Here is a collection of stories about these creatures from different cultures, myths, and folklore. They will enthrall you.
The Last of the Dragon Line - Chapters 4 and 5
Amara and Kiran are on the run again, but from who, and will they escape in time, or be forced into a battle for their lives. I'm sorry that I have a habit of starting stories, but not continuing them. I am beginning to get emails...
The Last of the Dragon Line - Chapters 2 and 3
I know it doesn't explain much of how she got where she is, but it will later in the next chapters.
The Last of the Dragon Line - Chapter 1
I know there isn't any love or romance in this, but it will be added soon. Which is why it's in this section.
Now You See Me, Now I Kill You - Prologue
1st book in the Dragon's Revenge series.. (in other words, I have no idea how long this story's going to be!) It's my first story, I've published here on Buzzle, please don't hate! Thanks and I hope you like it! (In other words,...
Sinister Wishes, Nefarious Intentions, and Demonic Dragons (3)
The pic is of Adele, who btw won the poll!
Sinister Wishes, Nefarious Intentions, and Demonic Dragons (2)
I hope you like this story. I tried to make it better than I did it for him. K, so I hope you like it!
Sinister Wishes, Nefarious Intentions, and Demonic Dragons (1)
Adele, a normal happy daisy girl who has no idea how much her life is going to change... READ!
The Doomshadow (Chapter 4)
Gareths secret Talent is discovered and The King sends him on the Quest with Dev and Kyra.
The Doomshadow - Outtake
Dev takes on an unseen enemy in the Forest Of Silence.
The Doomshadow (Chapter 3)
Lock shows Dev his Darkened armor.
Forgiving the Forgotten - 66 - Home
This chapter also contains the end of this story and the epilogue.... I had a very special time writing it, creating a love so true and yet so beautiful that i forgot my own lovelessness....
Forgiving the Forgotten - Prolouge - Tale of the Phoenix
The entire story in short as completed till chapter 42... The second volume of my story, forgiving the forgotten-2- tale of the phoenix..... hope u like it.
Forgiving the Forgotten - 42
The end of the first volume of Forgiving the forgotten- tale of the dragon... the next volume will reveal the past mysteries and of course will bring forth the romance and action of volume 2- Tale of the Phoenix
Forgiving the Forgotten - 25
Rather sci fi oriented.... for the next few chapters....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 23
Here's the next chapter...
Forgiving the Forgotten - 10
A troublesome premonition.... a moment to hold on to forever... will things turn out well? maybe not....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 9
Taeen gets to know the man who took her brother's place as king....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 8
Amenatsu has found the princess of Jerome, his purpose for living maybe?
Forgiving the Forgotten - 7
And finally, the girl who was much awaited for shows up.... only to disappear again?
Forgiving the Forgotten - 6
An exiled prince... a new king, and the reason to live...
Forgiving the Forgotten - 5
The beauty of royalty....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 4
Hmmm.... the truth behind a very mysterious prince....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 3
Well.... you just have to read the story to know what's going on... the real thing is yet to start.....
The Doomshadow (Chapter 2)
The castle is plunged into lock down and Dev and Kyra learn of their quest.
Forgiving the Forgotten - 2
The exiled twin- details about our main protagonist and what makes him the man he is.... and well.... in the soon to come chapters, the man that he is, will change to the man that he was.... destiny awaits....
Forgiving the Forgotten - 1
A story of a galactic exiled prince and how destiny changes his life. This is my longest novel yet. I've tried to improve the story. It is already completed and that is why I was absent from the iBuzzle scene for so long. Hope u...
The Doomshadow
A darkness is falling and the land is plunged into turmoil. It is up to A dragon king, a talking wolf and two teenager to free the world of darkness by finding the lost krystals of light.
The Time of the Dinosaurs Chapter 2: Part 3 The Raid
Nemeha finds out after the battle that 7 women and children were kidnapped in the raid, and he goes to the village to stop them.
The Time of the Dinosaurs Chapter 2: Part 2
Nemehas men are being invaded by a warring country and fight back to survive.
The Time of the Dinosaurs Chapter 2: The Raid Part 1
Nemeha and his men travel through the forest of the wolves, where the Shiasoo tribe live. Soon Nemeha will discover that the Shiasoo don't take kindly to strangers.
Japanese Demons 16 - The End
Last chance for Momoko and Katsuya. Man oh man, so glad to be done with this finally! Now I can focus on finishing up Sold Away.
Japanese Demons 15
Momoko's two loves.
The Time of the Dinosaurs
Nemeha, an ancient Indian man in North America in the time of the dinosaurs, adventures off into the land of the unknown. This is how it all started.
Japanese Demons 14
Momoko's father.
Japanese Demons 13
I like to play 'I will not die' by 3 Days Grace on youtube whenever I read the back half of the story, when Touya and Momoko are alone after the fight with Katsuya.
Japanese Demons 12
Jesus Christ...and the bad things that sometimes happen to good people. Yes they do.
Japanese Demons 11
What happens when you fall in 'love' with the wrong girl. Yakuza=organized mafia.
Japanese Demons 10
The Dead Village.
Japanese Demons 8
A strange mix of humans and demons.
Japanese Demons 7
Katsuya's violent nature displayed again.
Japanese Demons 6
The wolf demon's wedding.
Japanese Demons 5
Kitsune=fox demon, Gome=I'm sorry, Mononoke=shape shifter.
Japanese Demons 3
Azuka the Demoness.
Japanese Demons 1
A Human Weakness.