Dreams of Another World

Umm I nuno what to say.
Give me your hand my love,
Let us dance in moonlight,
Bathed in an ethereal glow,
That's right my darling hold me tight,
Let our movements be how our emotions show.

No need for words my dearest,
The way you look at me is enough,
Your eyes on mine,
Are all I need for an everlasting high,
Face to face none of us can bluff,
But really dear one why would we try.

Our music is nature,
The rustling trees, beat with the wind as vocals,
The gurgling stream as the purest bass,
In our little world,
We won't be disturbed by any of the locals,
Together we dance at our own special pace.

My love, we are floating weightless in the air,
You are illuminated by the stars around us,
Look at how the fairies highlight your hair,
There's no worry here, no stress, and no fuss.

My heart is yours my love, just hold me forever,
But suddenly I stir and I'm staring at a ceiling,
The dream was so real... I can still smell the heather,
My body aches for that world so much I'm left reeling.

Who was that stranger who enchanted me so?
Bathed in beauty which enhanced in the moon's glow,
Where is he now and where did he go?

I'll wait sweet one until we're reunited again,
It's the only thing I have to look forward to,
I'll wait for you if it takes a year or ten,
I won't! I can't let this love be through.
Published: 1/31/2014
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