Drink You Off My Mind

A lost and lonely heart with a slight Rolling Stones influence.
The cold wind blows harshly through my hair,
I turn up my collar against the cold air,
And I walk into another bar, where,
The smell of whisky lingers,
And I snap my fingers,
To attract the attention of the barman,
To fill up my glass again,
For tonight, I'm going to drink you off my mind.

Lately you've been in my thoughts too much,
Because every thought I have of you hurts,
I think just meeting you was a curse,
I hold the glass in my fist,
And I lick my lips,
And I raise a toast to your health,
Hope you're enjoying yourself,
As for me, I'm going to drink you off my mind.

The stench of stale cigarettes fills the air,
And the jukebox plays a melancholy air,
And I turn my eyes down to the floor,
And I watch dripping booze,
Splash against my shoes,
Like cold clear tears of sorrow,
Fearful of tomorrow,
But tonight, I'm going to drink you off my mind.

I've been drinking double whiskeys all night long,
But the pain of those memories lingers on,
As the jukebox plays the Rolling Stones,
And when I look around the bar room,
With its atmosphere of gloom,
It brings those memories back again,
Oh Honky Tonk Woman,
For I just can't seem to drink you off my mind.
Published: 7/19/2010
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