Drunk Cartoons

People behave erratically when they are drunk. Getting drunk leads to embarrassment. These cartoons capture that in their own witty ways.
"The Battle of the Bottles"
True Story: If he remembers correctly, it was she who lobbed the first empty. (They’d thrown a party the night before and their hangovers had sparked another nasty fight.)
"Abusement Park"
When last seen, Doubledee and Doubledum were on a wild post-apocalyptic binge at Liquor World…
"The Bad Attraction"
In search of other survivors of the bird flu disaster, Doubledee and Doubledum go to the magic kingdom of blackout drunks: Liquor World!
"Liquor World"
Doubledee and Doubledum are looking for other drunks who may have survived the bird flu pandemic…
"The Optimists"
When we last saw Doubledee and Doubledum, they were drinking like there was no tomorrow…
(th)ink: "Getting Back to Normal.."
New Orleans seems to be getting back to normai quicker than expected...
"Punch Drunks"
Double-D & Doubledum got their mitts on the ID Lid, the ultimate hangover cure.
the K Chronicles: "Urban Tricks"
Tricks of the trade guaranteed to make urban living easier...
the K Chronicles: "Behold!! The Anti-Fanboy!!"
Keef meets the President of his anti-fan club...