At a point in my life, I was lost in deep thoughts and my friends thought that my only medication would be to drink, so I was forced to drink. I wrote this poem in that state of stupor.
In the cloud of dizziness,
A haven of staggering thoughts,
I speak Mandarin in awesome oratory,
Or whatever language my tongue played host.

Vomiting words and feelings from the bowels of shelved thoughts,
Stark in ancient memories of events forgotten,
But hidden in the library of the mind,
And events unfolding like an Hollywood drama.

In this state, I'm a man who is as bold as a lion,
Daring and unafraid to speak to anyone in the purest of TRUTH,
Even my mother if she crosses this,
Road of uncontrollable express without the green light,
Will be crushed with the red lights of darken words.

I speak not because I am meant to speak,
But because I know, I should speak,
I know not what I think, I know which I know, but know not,
Because I'm in a state where my mind is unemployed and freelancing,
Is the only source of expression oozing from my heart,
And from my lips are words I can't speak of,
If my mind was to be employed by me.

A sovereign state of mind,
Colonized by alcohol,
Abandoned to free will,
To speak,
To correct,
To inspire,
To hurt,
To direct,
To kill,
And to do whatever comes through it.

I am drunk,
I say what I don't mean,
But which I've been meaning to say,
If I direct it at you,
Believe the truth in my drunken words but believe me I'm drunk,
Host no grudge in your heart towards me,
For I play host of a visitor in charge of my house,
I am but a drunken fool full of foods for thought.

Think about it,
I've kissed cups with the Angels,
Gulped down the content of a glassed truth,
Any moment from now I'll vomit,
Whatever I vomit,
Whichever ground it lands,
Please pardon me.

I can't take back things I've said,
But I can stop myself from lifting another cup to my lips,
Cheers if you support my freedom,
Cheers if you frown at my freedom,
Either ways I understand,
I am drunk, do not take me serious.
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Published: 2/20/2015
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