Dry, Warm Clothes And A Comb

The simple comforts that love brings.
Walking in the rain on this autumnal night,
Cold wind blowing through my coat,
I turn my collar up against the damp,
And stamp a little harder on my toes.
It may be dreary out but it's warmer in,
And I'm determined to get back home,
For my baby waits a bath for me,
Dry, warm clothes and a comb.

I'm relaxed now and I've got my feet up,
Got a Scotch on the rocks in my hand,
It warms the cockles just as it should,
And she always pours my favorite brand,
She sits beside me on the couch,
Having poured a drink of her own,
And I'm grateful my baby provides me,
Dry, warm clothes and a comb.

The alarm goes and I wake with a moan,
Raise my weary head off the pillow,
She warms my breath with a morning kiss,
Then I gander a look out the window,
It's raining again but I don't care,
I don't spend my weekends alone,
I got my baby here beside me,
Dry, warm clothes and a comb.

Published: 10/3/2018
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