Dumb Blonde Joke

A lawyer is sitting next to a blonde chick on a plane and he keeps bugging the blonde to play the intelligence game. She refuses. So he says "10 out of 1 to the odds, If you can't answer one of my questions you give me five bucks. If I can't answer one of your questions I give you fifty bucks" He knew he wouldn't loose. So the blonde agrees. The lawyer goes first. "What is the distance from earth to the nearest star?" the blonde gives him five bucks. Now it's the blondes turn. "What goes up the hill with 3 legs and comes down with four?" The lawyer thinks so he goes on his laptop. Nothing. He calls some people. Still nothing. So he thinks some more. Then he gives the blonde fifty bucks thens asks. "What was the answer to your question?" And the blonde gives him five bucks!
Teehee xD funny right?
Did you like it?
No it was horrible you wasted your time!
Yes it was like OMG funny!
Ummmm....I guess it was okay......
No your not funny dont do anymore jokes
Published: 12/23/2009
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