Dusk or Dawn, I Can't Tell

Based on an experience of mine.
Tip, tap, ratta tap, tap fell the transparent droplets,
Standing their ground as their voices grow louder,
Trying not to get out beaten by the outrageous howl of air,
Amongst this darkness, I await like a tornado ready to destruct,
Fallen angels that's what I call this golden glimmer,
Not knowing from where it came from.

Blinking from fright or adventure went the light,
From a passing vehicle or unstoppable force if you will,
Where will it lead?
In crimson wherever you look, the letters dance in one.

Bang, thud, clunk came from the floor below,
How human, everything is in the early or late hours of nothingness,
Not knowing when or how, even time stands still,
It's ironic, how everything can look from the other side.

Trickling voices down my spine,
Puts goose bumps on my body and my senses on alert,
Like an owl, I wait in the lurch,
Waiting and hoping like any living thing yet pain,
And fear struck like a knife to anything dead or remotely still.

Haunted by this nothingness and branded by what was once feels like an eternity away,
Biting and snatching is what the monstrosity does,
How long till tranquility?
I yearn for warmth and the sweet curve which appears below the nose,
Tip, tap, ratta tap, tap, click and a bump went on in the dark,
Gleaming this flame and glistening silver just waits for another, yet in harmony they sing,
Numb to the bone yet still no sign,
Passing and weaving is what I do like leaves in may all year through.

What riches and treasures await or hunger and heat left untarnished,
Sounds of humans and no humans, nature's rage all around have come as one.
The weight of the world, yet the lightness of a feather are around the corner.

This madness and darkness start to evolve,
And I think that's tranquility I can make out. Whoever knows?
Published: 3/29/2018
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