Early Morning Serenade

In appraisal of the season.
Well, here she comes,
Rising in her eastern promise,
Brightly adorned,
To melt away the shades of darkness,
I feel the warmth,
Of her kisses as they touch my skin,
I praise her charm,
It's so good to see her again.

Shadows retreat,
To their sanctuary beneath the walls,
The songbird tweets,
His hymn to Mother Nature's call,
I breath the scent,
Of an early morning serenade,
As she ascends,
On the music of a brand new day.

I take a walk,
Through the park to enjoy the day,
My lazy thoughts,
Go wandering this and that a-way,
Among the flowers,
In their splendid rainbow spectrum,
Myriad of colors...
And I feel that life is awesome.

I take a pew,
To watch the world spin loosely by,
It feels so good,
And suddenly I realize,
This world is ours,
She's the Mother from whom we are born,
A joy to share,
A garden grown for everyone.

I feel a chill,
As she sinks toward the western shore,
As the dusk pulls,
The shadows to His breast once more,
Resume the night,
Whose darkness brings its disarray,
But it's alright,
Tomorrow brings another day.
Published: 6/5/2014
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