East of the Moon

Tripping off the edge of the world. The enticement of drugs, the temptation of fools.
Chase your dreams through the neon shadow,
Implore yourself to psychedelic dreams,
Beseech your spirit to find tomorrow,
Lest you be yesterday's unpolished sheen.

The voice of lust that lives in your mind,
Caressing thoughts of carnal desire,
Libido libertine, lend me the time,
To kiss your heart and set your soul on fire.

Caress with words from the pen of the poet,
Imbue the tingle of a trembling lip,
Seductress minstrel, play me your sonnet,
Embrace my senses with your candy trip.

Guide me through your world of mirrors,
Lead me to where Alice plays,
I have my hands on the box of Pandora,
My curious fingers can no longer delay.

Open up, loosen your boudoir,
I want to roam around inside your head,
I want to play on your nerves like a stalker,
And kiss your heart with my coldest breath.

Leave your body and fly with your spirit,
On an aurora borealis sigh,
Soar above the Heavens of Merit,
Become the Goddess of the Neon Sky.

Catch your dreams and you'll shine forever,
The silver lady will keep you attuned,
Sail away on her melodious quaver,
Tomorrow harbors on the east of the moon.
Published: 2/14/2014
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