Easy 1000 Calorie Diet Plan

The 1000 calorie diet plan involves reducing the calorie demand of your body to this low extent by eating foods in a very small portion. You shall get the concept of an easy to follow 1000 calorie diet in this article. Read on...
1000 calories in a day is quite a low figure and this implies that you are following a weight loss diet. Shedding off extra pounds is possible by curtailing daily intake of calories. A large portion of calories come from carbohydrates which are also responsible for rapid weight gain. Thus, reducing calories means bringing down the amount of carbohydrates consumed by you everyday. An easy 1000 calorie diet plan can be chalked out by redefining your diet schedule with introduction of foods containing minimal calories.

Understanding the 1000 Calorie Diet Plan

1000 calorie diet plan should not be followed in the long run. This extremely low calorie diet proves useful if you are wanting to lose weight within a short span of time. People might succumb to gastrointestinal disorders like nausea, vomiting and stomach cramps while implementing this diet plan all of a sudden. You have to keep an account on the size of the portion and count the calories every time you consume something. With introduction of such low amount of calories, the metabolism of your body will gradually slow down which is not a very effective way to lose weight. Moreover, 1000 calories everyday would also make you feel hungry and you might overeat to quench the terrible hunger pangs, thus, showing rebound effects on your body. Health experts and nutritionists say that 1000 calorie diet plan is safe to follow for a maximum period of 2 weeks and not more than that in any case.

1000 Calorie Diet Plan

You will experience lightness in your body while being on this diet. You can plan your meals for a period of 1 week and follow the same menu for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Distributing the total number of calories consumed effectively helps you to achieve the desired purpose. We shall give you a sample of a simple 1000 calorie diet plan in the next content.

People say that eating breakfast is the right time to stuff your stomach with a plenty of food. Have a heavy breakfast in the morning but limit it to 400 calories per day. You can have complex carbohydrates and proteins for breakfast to avoid feeling nauseated for rest of the day. You shall get an idea regarding the easy 1000 calorie diet plan from the points listed below. Combine the foods in the right way to get the desired number of calories.
  • Oatmeal, 1 bowl
  • A banana, half
  • Skimmed milk, 1 cup
  • Whole wheat English muffin, 1
  • An apple, sliced
  • Scrambled egg white, 1
  • Brown bread, toasted, 2
  • Ricotta cheese, 2 tsps
Lunch should be lighter than breakfast. A lunch comprising 250 calories should come mainly from proteins and a little amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Cook your foods in extra virgin olive oil because it's rich in omega-3-fatty acids. Include a lot of animal products that are rich in proteins. A vegetable dish along with some citrus fruits is definitely preferred. Have your food in small servings so that you don't feel lethargic in day hours. Here are some menu ideas for lunch.
  • Roasted chicken, 2 pieces
  • Baked fish, 2
  • Rib steaks, 1
  • Cabbage soup, 1 bowl
  • Low fat butter, ½ tsp
  • Wheat tortillas, 1
  • Orange, 2
  • Green salad, 1 plate
200 calories for dinner should be sufficient for you. Have liquid foods, like soups and smoothies for dinner and avoid greasy and fried foods. A light dinner is easy to metabolize and it would not cause weight gain. Have plenty of raw salads and fresh fruits at dinner to prevent gaining weight. Garnishing the salads moderately with shredded cheese is absolutely fine. Check the following list to know the menus that you can have for dinner.
  • Low fat yogurt, ½ cup
  • Sour cream, 2 tsps
  • Spinach soup, 1 bowl
  • Chicken broth, ½ bowl
  • Whole wheat pasta, ½ plate
  • Steamed vegetables, 1 plate
  • Bakes apple/pineapples, 1
It's natural to feel hungry in between lunch and dinner. You should be very careful while eating mid meal snacks and the total figure should be no more than 150 calories. Restrict yourself from gorging on fast foods, aerated drinks, and junk food while being on 1000 calorie diet. Eat healthy snacks as much as possible during the weight loss period. Have them in small portions just for killing the hunger pangs. Some healthy options for snacks are listed down.
  • Fresh fruit juices, 1 glass
  • Peanuts, 1 handful
  • Popcorn, ½ packet
  • Dried fruits, 1 handful
  • Puffed rice, 1 bowl
  • Green tea, 1 cup
From the aforementioned diet plan, you can well make out how effectively the calorie count has been reduced. Eat only healthy foods to make up for 1000 calories. Once you have met your personal weight loss target, you can gradually increase it to 2000 calories per day. Follow a balanced diet throughout your life to prevent additional weight gain or any kind of health complications. Last but not the least, I would suggest you to take necessary advice from your doctor before following such a low calorie diet plan.
By Saptakee Sengupta
Published: 3/22/2011
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