Easy to Love

A play written to correct some mistakes that young ladies find themselves in nowadays.

Mama.............................. 50years old; a civil
Papa .............................. 60years old; a
Business man
John................................. Their son; senior to
Sade................................. Their daughter;
About 22 to
23years old
Auntie.............................. Sade's Aunt
Jide................................. Sade's Sugar Daddy
Tolu................................. Young enterprising
Boyfriend of Sade

act one {1}
[Light reveals the front of Tolu's house. It is a balcony that is vacant except for the long bench that is seen at the right hand corner resting on the wall which gives the gap between the wall and the bench a triangular shape. Tolu is then seen coming out through a door that leads to the balcony from the inner room which is located at the left hand side of the stage holding Sade with him. He then drags Sade with him to sit on the bench that is earlier described. They sit facing each other.]

SADE: [whispering] Why did you drag me out with you when your sister called you knowing well that she needs you to do something?
TOLU: [giving a sign of seriousness] Please forget about my sister now because I want to discuss serious issues with you at the moment.
SADE: [surprised] Why are you turning serious suddenly? [silence] Okay start your discussion. I am all ears.
TOLU: [now serious; holding her two hands and coughing out to make his voice audible] I have noticed certain changes in you these days_
SADE: Good or bad_
TOLU: [somehow annoyed] Let me land. Ah an. That is what I'm saying. Just let me finish.
SADE: Okay. I'm sorry. Continue.

TOLU: Better. [serious again] As I was saying, I have noticed some changes in you these days that I don't like. For instance, if I should call you on phone, you'll pick it and say you're busy. Sometimes, if I should ask you where you are, if you don't say you're in your friend's birthday party, you'll say you're in your cousin's wedding. Don't you know I'm always lonely without you around me or as your parents warned you again never to go out with me?
SADE: No. They've not spoken about it for days now.
TOLU: Then why?
SADE: It is just because_ [her phone rings and she withdraws her hands from Tolu's hold.]
TOLU: Tell the person you're busy.
SADE: [checking the screen of her phone] I'm sorry I have to answer this call [she stands to leave] Hello...
TOLU: Can't you answer the call in my presence?
SADE: [giving him a sign that indicates that she'll soon be back and walking away] Chief, how far now... [her voice then fades away].
TOLU: [facing the direction she passed] I love you Shady. Don't do this to me. [he hits his right palm on the bench looking worried. After few seconds, he returns inside.]

[The light reveals Sade beside the wall of Tolu's house receiving her phone call. She is conscious of her environment as she looks all around to know if someone is watching her.]

SADE: [smiling] Why not tomorrow Chief.... I'm presently at Ibadan now... I was thinking of coming back to Lagos next week but I can come tomorrow for your sake... P-l-ea-se now. [jumps] That's my Chief! [realizes that she had shouted; she looks around not realizing that Tolu was watching her through the window of his room. She then speaks softly.] Trust me now, I'll repackage it for you tomorrow. E ma gba pe mo so be.
TOLU: [whispers bitterly] What? Oh my God.
SADE: [hears a faint voice and looks up but Tolu had bent his head before then. She realizes she was behind an opened window so she left for a more secreted side of the house.] Don't disappoint me too sir.... Of course I trust you before now. [her voice fades gradually as she leaves that area.]
TOLU: [in amazement] I can't believe my ears. Sh-a-d-y? No!... But I heard it. This useless girl must explain what that statement means to me. [he shuts the window.]

[Light reveals a bedroom setting. The light is not that bright to see the faces of those in the room. All that can be heard is soft laughter on the bed. After few minutes, the light shines brightly. By this time, the occupants are already sitting. It is now clear that Sade is sitting on the bed with a man of about 40 years old. He is popularly known as Chief because of the number of Companies he manages at this stage of his life but his friends call him Jide. The two lovers are still laughing when Jide's phone rings.]

JIDE: [takes one of his phones that had been arranged on a stool beside the bed and looks at the screen; speaks to Sade] Excuse me [he then picks the call] Helloo sweetheart... Yeah... okay... I'll be expecting. Okay... Love you... Take care love.
SADE: [irritated] Who was that?
JIDE: [sharply] My fiancee.
SADE: [surprise] Fiancée?
JIDE: Yes. You have to go now because she's on her way here.
SADE: So fast? What about the deal?
JIDE: We can always settle that later. [gets down from the bed] Start to go now. Meanwhile, [he goes to his wardrobe, hangs out a suit and brings out aroubd One thousand naira notes from its breast pocket; handing it to her] you can have these for now.
SADE: [counts the notes; disgusted] Twenty thousand naira for what? What did you take me for? I say what did you take me for ehn Chief? [still on the bed.]
JIDE: [confused; pleadingly] But at least you can still go now. Please, we can settle this later? Okay, will you have a cheque?
SADE: Better.

JIDE: Start dressing. She can enter any moment from_
[a knock is heard and the door opens. Jide regrets not locking the door.]
VOICE: Hello darling_ [she enters and to her surprise sees Sade on the bed. Jide faces the wardrobe not knowing what to do.]
SADE: [alarming] What! Geez! Auntie! Is this your fiancé? [Jide turns back at the mention of this; embarrassing silence.]
AUNTIE: [softly] Is this your friend's place Sade. You'll explain this to everyone at home. [to Jide] Good night.
[she turns back, opens the door and leaves.]
SADE: [tries calling back] Auntie, Auntie please wait. [to Jide; amidst tears] You've ruined me. You've ruined my life. [throws the notes at him, hurriedly dresses then leaves.]
JIDE: [contemplating] What have I done to myself?


SCENE two {2}
[Light reveals the living room of Sade's home. Papa, Mama, John and Auntie are seen in the living room discussing.]

MAMA: Did you just say you saw my daughter on the same bed with your fiancé?
AUNTIE: Of course. My eyes can never deceive me.
DADDY: Mama John, your daughter will explain to me when she comes. Who she got that attitude from must be clear tonight. [faces John] My son, are you not going to the office yet?
JOHN: Tolu sent me an urgent letter to Sade. I'll wait till she arrives.
DADDY: And if she doesn't?
JOHN: In twenty to thirty minutes time, if I can't still find her, I'll be going.
MAMA: I'm preparing something in the kitchen. [stands to leave but Sade's entry stops her and she sits back.]
JOHN: Welcome. I've been waiting for you. Tolu came here when you weren't around and begged me to give you this letter today. [he hands over the letter to her and she receives it. She opens it fearfully and as she starts to read it, tears are dropping from her eyes.] What's the content? [she hesitates]
MAMA: [authoritatively to John] Collect it and read the content out.
JOHN: [collects it and starts to read]:

Hello Shady,
Thank you for the pains you've put me through. I was there this afternoon when you were calling your Sugar-Daddy or whatever. I heard every bit of the words you said boldly. But Shady, when did you turn into this? Why are you so easy to love? I can remember when we met. You too can never deny that love at first sight. We loved each other and I dreamt of you being my wife every day. But, alas, that love has turned into hatred suddenly. I can't just explain it. In fact, I'll feel irritated setting my eyes on you any day of my life. Well, do have a better luck in life.
Once Yours,

AUNTIE: Ah! You Sade! You stabbed me at the back. [the door opens and Jide enters in. As soon as he enters, he prostrated flat on the floor.]
JIDE: Love, you are such a different woman in the world. I can't just afford to loose you. I am very sorry for my mistakes. It won't happen again I promise. I knew it the very first day I met you that you are different. That's why I'm always protecting you and messing around with other girls. Darling, [he changes to a kneeling position and brings out a case. He opens it and a glittering silver ring can be seen] please will you marry me?[he breaks down suddenly and Auntie rushes immediately to lift him up on her shoulder. They both sob for a little while then Auntie raises his head from her shoulder and she looks into his eyes.]
AUNTIE: Yes![screaming fills the air as the light fades gradually.]
Published: 12/3/2010
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