Effective Leadership Qualities

The effective leadership qualities are very essential for leaders to take their organization or teams where they ought to be. Read this article to know about the important qualities of effective leadership.
It is a widely accepted fact that every person cannot be a leader. This directly implies that leaders have some qualities which are not present in the other people. The effective leadership qualities are essential to lead a team or a group in any field, be it business, sports or politics. While the challenge before the followers is to inculcate these effective leadership qualities to become leaders of tomorrow, the leaders face the challenge of constantly shaping their leadership skills to maintain their top position in the ever-increasing competition. In the next few paragraphs, we shall discuss the effective leadership qualities which can alone make a leader successful.

Important Leadership Qualities

Honesty is one of the most essential effective leadership qualities. Organizations whose leaders are not honest to themselves and to the interests of the company will never achieve their target of becoming the best in the industry. Honesty is needed in each and every aspect of leadership, such as using the money of the company in a wise way, fulfilling the commitments given to the employees and taking the decisions as per the set rules and guidelines. The employees can be expected to be honest and sincere to their job only if the management, which constitutes the leaders are honest. Thus, honesty is the pillar of success for any organization or group.

Goal Setting
Goal setting is also one of the most important effective leadership qualities, which a leader should possess. A good leader should set realistic goals and should take care that the approach for the accomplishment of the goal is in the right direction. If there is no goal for the organization, then there always persists a risk of the efforts going futile or of no use. Efficient leaders are expected to guide their juniors in every phase of the process of achieving the targets by taking preventive measures to avoid any sort of difficulties which may hamper the growth rate.

Decision-making Ability
Possessing decision-making abilities is one of the most vital effective leadership qualities, because it decides the success or failure in a set mission. If the leaders show the presence of mind and takes proper and courageous decisions it will prove useful for the organization, then it will not be difficult to attain the set levels in the set time. Decision-making abilities require a lot of logical thinking, risk taking abilities and complete knowledge of what would be the effects or the results of any action taken after a few tears. The decision-making abilities test how successfully the goals and the missions which were set are achieved. The decision-making ability helps to distinguish between the good and effective leaders and the poor leaders as good leaders tend to face the situations in challenging circumstances, whereas the poor leaders might just run away from the responsibilities.

Communication With Colleagues
Having a good communication or rapport with colleagues is also among the essential effective leadership qualities for all brilliant leaders. The leaders should try to seek the opinion and thoughts of every member of their team when it comes to taking any important decision. Sidelining any particular person, either deliberately or unknowingly can spread jealousy and hatred in the organization. Proper communication can alone guarantee a good unity in the organization and this unity will in turn make the entire workforce very loyal and professional in their work. A good leader should be free from pride and should give equal respect and opportunities to the entire workforce. To avoid any sort of conflicts he should use merit as the sole criterion for the promotions and advancements in the organization.

The above mentioned effective leadership qualities are a must for any one who wishes to achieve respect as a leader. It is possible to inculcate these values, if you work hard and in a consistent way.
By Charlie S
Last Updated: 9/22/2011
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