Electric Treadmill Reviews

Mentioned in this article are various electric treadmill reviews, of the best models available today. Read on...
Today, the most popular type of treadmills are the motorized electric treadmills. Though, on comparing manual treadmills with electric treadmills, manual treadmill do have some benefits. Manual treadmills are more compact, lightweight, foldable and cheap. However, manual treadmills are just designed for walking and mild jogging, if you wish to perform a total workout which includes running on different incline levels, then electric treadmills are the best choice. While picking a motorized electric treadmill machine for exercise, it is important that you go through various reviews, so that you are well aware of what the fitness equipment has to offer.

While selecting an electric treadmill, first determine your budget, and then start looking for electric treadmill machines which fit your budget range. Make sure you pick the right size of the treadmill, so that you have enough room to keep it. Pick a treadmill which has a heavy motor, so that it lasts longer. Also a wide, thick walking deck is important, so that you feel comfortable while working out. Lastly, make sure you get a warranty on the motor and other parts of the treadmill, and have a service agreement.

Motorized Electric Treadmill Reviews

Sole F80
This is one of the top models according to different treadmills reviews sites. This model makes a very good choice of treadmill under $1,500. You get a good 3.0 HP motor, and a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame on Sole F80. It features include 5 window displays, 2.75" rollers, weight capacity till 350 pounds, wireless heart control and hand grip heart rate. You can make many speed adjustments from 0.1 to 12 mile and incline adjustments from zero to 15 percentage. This equipment also comes with built-in cooling fans, and an audio system

Gold Gym 450
This is a favorite choice of cheap treadmill, and you can get this cheap treadmill under $400. With this model you can walk and do mild jogging workout, also this model folds for storage. This model has quick speed set controls and power incline. It comes with a limited 2 year warranty.

Horizon Evolve SG
If you have limited space and a limited budget, then this $1000 priced treadmill is a very good choice. It has a compact fold which measures just 10 inches high. No assembly is required, when you want to perform treadmill workout. It has features like 1.5 HP motor and maximum speed of 6mph, and can handle weight till 250 pounds. This is an inexpensive treadmill model, however it is not suited for running and doesn't have any incline features.

Landice L7 Cardio Trainer
This is an excellent treadmill model which you can use for running. It has a powerful motor of 4 HP, and comes with an inch thick running deck, which makes it comfortable to jog and sustain abuse. You will get a lifetime warranty on the frame and parts, and one year warranty on labor. Landice L7 Cardio Trainer comes for a price of $3,700, and has features like heart rate monitor and wireless chest strap. However, this model doesn't fold up for storage, and doesn't have any bells and whistles.

Smooth 5.65 Folding
This is another good choice of treadmill, according to different treadmill buying guides online, and comes for a price of $1000. This model features a powerful 2.5 HP motor and has a lifetime guarantee. This model offers various workout selections, and has heart rate controlled workout and nine workout profiles. With Smooth 5.65 Folding model, you get a 3 year warranty on its parts.

These were the tips on picking a treadmill. So, pick a treadmills which fits your needs and meets your budget, and enjoy working out on the treadmill.
By Pragya T
Published: 10/21/2010
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