About something I learned.
People around, laughing aloud,
And I know they talk about me,
What am I to do, I am such an embarrassment,
Yet, I was happy I had a friend.

There came a day when I came to know,
You were ashamed, being with me,
But the worse thing above all,
Is that I refused to believe.

I could do nothing but smile,
I will be no more a humiliation, I promised,
It was time for me to leave and to never come back,
Then I wept in silence all by myself.

A decade had gone now,
People around, laughing aloud,
They cried, I am the funniest person they'd ever known,
Crazy people like me now,
I was happy sometime, but I am a fool no more.

I wish to erase the past,
Yet it reminds me who I really was,
I had forgiven you but couldn't forget,
Is it wrong? Am I bad?
Published: 11/10/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats