Employee Appreciation and Recognition Ideas

Employee appreciation and recognition is a hot topic in the corporate world. It is not just executed as a business formality, but it is a way that helps increase the efficiency of the employee...
An employer simply cannot force the employee to meet the expected productivity levels. The employer first has to create a base after which the employee will naturally start working towards the employer's expectations. This is where employee motivation comes into play. When an employee is motivated, he gears up to work harder and smarter, that eventually profits him and the company. Nowadays, the morale of employees is on the low, which can only be boosted by employee appreciation and recognition.

There are many ways in which the employee can be appreciated and given recognition. The company need not spend much on praising their employees. The management, in most of the companies, is so engrossed in controlling and managing the employees, that they almost have no time or budget for employee incentives and awards. Recognition ideas need not always be expensive; there can be some ideas which won't even cost you anything. Studies have proven that simple and inexpensive employee recognition ideas are as effective as high-priced employee appreciation options.

Who doesn't want appreciation and recognition? Everyone wants to gain recognition, be it in their personal or professional life. If a company starts appreciating its employees for their performance, the employees would want more of it, resulting in the best possible individual or collective performances.

Putting a handwritten note on the employee's door or bay is a simple way of appreciating him, and that may help him feel good about himself and, more importantly, his work.

Calling the employee to your desk and saying a graceful 'thank you', is another way to make the employee feel better.

Placing a greeting card on the employee's table, with a short message about the great job that he is doing, is also an excellent way of appreciation.

Assigning special assignments to people who take an initiative, is also a good way to motivate them. The feeling of trust, helps them perform important tasks faithfully.

Distributing chocolates and sweets among the team members or the whole firm, when targets are achieved, is also an inexpensive way to express employee recognition.

Informing the top management of an individual or a team's accomplishments, is a good way of creating a positive approach towards work, in the minds of the employees. This can be done by arranging a separate team meeting for a summary of their achievements over a period of time. Individual appreciation in the presence of the management, helps generate a sense of pride in the employee towards his work.

Announcing a half-day at work is a pleasant surprise, which may be done when the team completes their project successfully. This is the best way to keep the spirits of the employees high.

If the team has crossed the estimated target, the management can even plan a surprise picnic or an excursion. This can be a bit expensive, but can be done, if it's worth the achievement.

For people who have really done well at their job or have taken part in a successful project, preparing a photo montage with pictures of them and displaying it near the reception, is also a good idea to offer recognition to the employees.

Employee appreciation and recognition practices differ from company to company, but there are some organizations who give a higher preference to it. There are many more ways to express and recognition, which may lead to impressive results from an individual as well as a team.
By Stephen Rampur
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