Empty Principles

Sometimes we forget how to communicate. It's always better to talk.
Wasting precious time,
Whittling away,
The minutes and the hours,
Of another empty day,
Lost in relaxation,
In a fantastic realm,
Where nothing seems to matter,
And everything is calm.

Take another trip,
Through your own philosophies,
The only thing that matters,
Is your own serenity.
After all an ego,
Should be satisfied,
For how else can you master,
The thoughts within your mind?

Servitude's for losers,
Why should you join the line,
To give your thoughts to others,
When you know your own mind?
You know they'll only steal them,
So keep them to yourself,
Or maybe just put them away,
To gather dust on a shelf.

I know you have your own thoughts,
And you're welcome to keep them,
We all have little secrets,
We can all play, pretend.
But why be in defiance,
Against those who want to help?
Perhaps sometimes to share your thoughts,
Is the way to help yourself!

So talk to me, my sweetheart,
Tell me how you feel,
Let loose your anxieties,
And find a life that's real.
Stop hiding behind pipe dreams,
They won't make you rich,
For true wealth lies in sharing,
The thoughts within your heart.

Don't waste your time in ignorance,
For thoughts as left unshared,
Are simply empty principles,
Of one who doesn't care,
And one who is uncaring,
Is one who goes unloved,
For loving one's own ego,
Never reaps reward.

Your silence is deafening,
Sends shivers up my spine,
I want to tear down your solitude,
And step inside your mind,
I need to feel your emotions,
Lest I cannot help,
And if I can't help you, my love,
Then I cannot help myself!
Published: 6/18/2016
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