Endless Quest

Thoughts, life, and search.
There's nothing which sends tremors,
Waves of nostalgia down the spine,
Trapped in this four walls of life.

Searching for escape burning corners,
Finding hollow surface, lost again,
Deeper down the path ends,
Hope and search does not.

Days turn around on the face,
Night covers the wound of the day,
No wonder, night is beautiful,
Quest for answers to life's questions.

Happiness, love, and sorrow,
Drags tattered soul everywhere,
Life keeps calling elusive always,
You walk and you keep walking,
Till the zip is pulled and closed.

There somebody takes you away,
Just as the knight in the shining Armor,
Doesn't wake you up though,
But will let you sleep,
Dreamless, beautiful forever.
Published: 2/27/2014
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