Endless Sense of Love and War

Such a Beautiful lie...
I have given up too much for one person
A good friend left me
And it hurts…

It's not over if it has not begun
Why reach for the sky and not the sun?
This endless sense of love and war
Kills us all like never before
And I'm reaching and crying
And hoping it ends
But I find myself starting over again.

If I can’t have her
There is no question she hates me
She is my war… or she is my peace
If he is forever mine as he claims he is
Then he is my love… my life
This endless sense of love and war
Pains me like never before.

And I sit on the edge of my bed at night
Questioning the way you feel
Do you hate me?
For choosing War over Love…
I just wish you were my peace
So there will be nothing to be afraid of
Now time to wash away the past...
And continue with this endless sense of Love and War...
And make it last...
Published: 8/12/2011
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